Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tour of Ronald McDonald House

Today I had a tour of Ronald Mcdonald house. It was fun . We took some pop tabs in to them .

We didn't go in this house but it belongs to them . mom says its really pretty.

Then we went and saw doctor D'Astous. I got a clean bill of health. My back is good and my hips are fine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Job Shadow Day

Ammon was able to come to work with me (Mom) today for his school's "Job Shadow Day", which occurs on Groundhog every year for 7th graders in our school district. I was just about as happy to have him come as he was to come!

Here he is in the front lobby of our building.
I took him all over to meet various people I work with, including Central Stores and Central Receiving. He saw where they keep all the candy for the vending machines, where they cut meat and where they store all frozen and refrigerated goods. He got to see some big semi-trucks come and unload. When he saw Central Stores warehouse and saw all the food (and cereal for the missionaries at the MTC), he exclaimed, "Holy Moly!" It's a lot of food!
Here Ammon is meeting one of the men that works in Central Receiving. His name is John Boulter. He lives right behind Devin Minson so they found something in common right off the bat.

Ammon is sitting at my desk here - I think he was just finishing up a huge piece of Dove chocolate that Kelly gave him.

This man, Chris Justice, works in marketing for Dining Services. He also volunteers for the Festival of Trees and took some photos of Ammon's tree for us. He supplied four of the football pictures that are hanging on Ammon's bedroom wall. David might remember this man because when David was in the MTC, Chris was the manager of the MTC cafeteria. He gave the phone to David for a minute after he got me on the line so I got to briefly (very briefly) say hello to David when he was at the MTC. We like Chris - he was just made a new bishop of a BYU ward two weeks ago.

I finally let Ammon have his BYU quilt - It looks awesome on his bed but it's so heavy Ammon wouldn't be able to roll over even if he could roll over!
Another buyer in the Purchasing Dep't is a man named Paul Buckner. He is a very nice man with a strong southern accent. His wife is one of Ammon's aides. Her name is Marnie. They have a son, Robbie, that is a defensive cornerback for the BYU football team. Marnie told Paul that Ammon would be coming to campus so Paul & Robbie arranged to come and meet Ammon in person. It was such a nice thing for them to do. It was a fun visit for all of us.
Ammon also met Leone Douma and I explained that she was the person that met David when he was on his mission because she and her family went to Belgium to visit their family members that live there. As we left, Ammon said goodbye in Dutch to her which caused her to laugh. I can't spell the words so I won't put them on, but he knows what they are. He made you proud, David!
I believe it was a fun day for Ammon!