Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Best Night of My Life

Last night at 7:00 p.m.the Lanes came to our house to pick me up for the Sweethearts dance at Salem Hills High school.  Shelby alsked me to go with her.  In the picture below is Shelby's brother, Chance and sister Jeralyn.
Shelby looked very pretty. She gave me some flowers and I gave her a corsage that Chelsey made. (Thanks, Chelsey.)
They loaded up in the van and we drove down to the high school. The school was all decorated with hearts and posters. It looked really beautiful (lovely). I met some guys and girls there that were very nice to me. I also met old friends that used to be my peer tutors and other kids that I have gone to school with.

I shook my stuff at the dance and had a real blast!  I learned how to do the cupid shuffle. We also had pictures taken. Shelby and Jeralyn are officers of a club at school so we didn't have to pay for the pictures.  We decided to come home about 10:30 p.m.

 Let's just say that last night was the grooviest and the best night of my life.  Thank you Shelby - you are a great friend.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Official Date

Tonight Ammon was asked to go to the Sweetheart Ball at Salem Hills High School next Saturday. He is pretty excited to go to any dance.  Shelby Lane, the neighbor that used to take care of him, asked him if he would like to go with her. Shelby's sister, Jeralyn, has asked another boy in our ward that has autism to go with her so I think the four of them will have a pretty good time. Shelby's mother called Jim and asked him first what we would think about the idea and we gave them permission.

We know he will have a great time. Wow -- are we ready for this kind of experience for Ammon?  He's old enough. He told us tonight that in his class this coming week they are "going to learn how to ask girls to dance without being rude."  Great timing!