Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Talk

I got to speak in church today. They asked me to talk about Joseph Smith (since today is the day he died in 1844) and the priesthood. I like to talk in church. It doesn't make me nervous at all. Here is my talk:

"Last week I had the opportunity to visit Nauvoo, Illinois with my family. I got to see the temple and part of the city Joseph Smith built. It was fantastic!

In the visitor’s center, I saw a statue of Joseph kneeling before Jesus and Heavenly Father representing the vision in the Sacred Grove. I am very grateful for all that Joseph Smith did to restore the gospel in its fullness.

Because the priesthood was restored on earth, I have been personally blessed in several ways. My father and brothers hold the priesthood and they have participated in giving me a blessing when I was given a name as a new baby, when I was baptized, and when I was given the priesthood myself.

I have been given many, many blessings for my health by different worthy men who hold the priesthood. I am very grateful for those blessings which have saved my life.

Because I hold the Aaronic Priesthood, I am able to serve others by passing the sacrament (which I really like to do) and I now get to be a home teacher. My dad is my companion. I love to go home teaching and I love the families we visit.

Holding the priesthood gives us many opportunities to serve. I look forward to being able to bless the sacrament some day. I look forward to being worthy enough to give blessings by the laying on of hands to someone in need someday.

I am very grateful for Joseph Smith and how he helped restore the Priesthood. I know he was a true prophet. I know President Monson is a true prophet, too. I am thankful for the Bishop and how he encourages me. I am thankful for my priesthood quorum leaders and the good examples they are to me. I am thankful for my parents and all those who help and love me.
I know Heavenly Father is real. I know the church is true.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iowa Trip

I felt like a pioneer on this trip because I made it through the long drive, conquered some fears, saw new country, and met new people. I'm very glad I went Here I am in the visitor's center at the highest point of I-80 between Laramie and Cheyene, WY.
President Lincoln had a vision to make a interstate highway from east to west and so he was honored at this spot. It was a really big monument.

We stopped at Winter Quarters, Nebraska and spent some time in the visitor's center. We met a very nice sister missionary. I can't remember her name. She let me pull a handcart. She was from West Jordan, UT, right near where Jess lives.

On Saturday we went to Nauvoo, IL. I got to cross the Mississippi. It was a very big river! One fun place in Nauvoo is where they have pioneer games. I liked making the man flip over with the toy above.

It was pretty hot at Nauvoo, but it was a nice day. The temple is pretty.

Here I am near the steps of the Nauvoo Temple with my niece and nephews. They are Jared (the tall one), Brenden, Alyssa and Scott.

We also got to go to Dyersville, Iowa to see where the movie "The Field of Dreams," was filmed. It was really cool to go there. Mom ran me around the bases like I had hit a home run. We had fun there.