Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 You have done It Again.

Today was a really great day because I got to take Nathan Millington to BYU Thursdays Heroes. it was a blast!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I am making this post for Ammon since he can't get the photos from his computer. At the beginning of his senior year we had no idea it would be such a spectacular experience for him -- and for us. After his Dream Week was done we thought, "Could anything be better?" And then he got the opportunity to dance during the month of March in a special fireside at the Covey Center in Provo . Again we asked that question. But everything just kept building on top of each other to cap this year off in great style. He was voted the Prom King which was pretty tender and special.  He has yet to graduate (on May 28th) but he is officially done with classes. He will graduate with High Honors with a GPA of about 3.8. Graduation pictures will be posted when that occurs.

Ammon was able to go through the open house of the Payson Temple with some neighbors and he seemed to love the building. He is also going to be participating in the cultural celebration the day before the dedication. They have practiced for several weeks to learn the songs and dances. I think it will be a pretty special opportunity for all 16,000+ youth.
Ammon was asked to MORP (last high school dance of the year) by a really nice young woman named Terese McCabe. They had a fun evening. He didn't get home until midnight. This kid is becoming a party animal!

 Last Thursday morning Jim and I were invited to come to the school to attend the Senior Assembly Awards Assembly, held at the end of the school year. Ammon was to get a special award. He did not know about it so he was really surprised when his teacher took him back stage waiting to hear why he was up there.  He got a standing ovation from the audience. This school seems to really love Ammon.
The school gives four special awards that are not connected with scholarship or money. They are awards of honor. The four awards are "Spirit, Honor, Heart and Success."  Ammon got the award for "Heart."

The principal read this as a way of introduction to Ammon's nomination by faculty and students.

"Our HEART Award winner this year is one of my favorite students I've ever known. I love to start my day off by talking with him. He puts a smile on my face that lasts the whole day. Here are some of the comments that were shared about him:
"He represents the Heart of our school because even through hardship he has pushed through to become who he is."
"He is always smiling and waving to people he knows. He continually congratulates people for their successes and is usually the first to reach out his hand to help those in need."
"He seems genuinely considerate of others."
"Through all of his challenges and hardships, he finds the best in everyone and finds the best successes in his life."
Our 2015 recipient of the HEART award has the coldest hands I know in the morning and the warmest heart in the day. He is our reigning Prom King, and my hero Ammon Clark."

 Here is Ammon with his good buddy, Kenny VanAusdel. Kenny has been on the student council and was in charge of Ammon's Dream Week. Kenny got a scholarship for about $50,000.00 to attend BYU on full ride scholarship. He's a great guy!
 Today the young men in our region met together at the Spanish Fork football field to practice for the cultural celebration. They will represent the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. I can't wait to see the production!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Here We Come

There are just a few thing I want to Accomplish This Year in 2015
  1. I really want to be Healthy so I don't have anymore Surgeries
  2. I want to Graduate

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 2

Tonight was the Manhawk Dance Competition at the high school. I (Mom) am entering this for Ammon because he isn't feeling well tonight and went to bed as soon as we got home. When we left the school Ammon said, "This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's the best experience of my life."

Girls from cheer, the drill team and the dance company get a group of boys together and teach them a dance and then they perform it and are judged by adult judges. It's a real competition. There were a couple of really great dances. They all had to include something about Ammon in the dance. Some had "We love Ammon" written on their backs. Some came out with cool posters saying "We love Ammon."  He was overwhelmed. His group performed first but before the dances started, they showed part of the CD Jess made when Ammon had all his scoliosis/trach surgeries. It stopped in the middle and wouldn't work so they couldn't finish it and I was sad about that because it really gives a great glimpse to the struggles he has faced. But they saw a little. So the dances began. The students began to chant, "AMMON! AMMON! AMMON!" It was absolutely amazing.

First picture is of the display they have set up and will keep up all year long.
His senior picture -- It's such a nice one and he looks so old!
Part of the display.
A huge sign on the wall at the school.
Ammon's  group dancing to "The Eye of the Tiger."
Other dance teams joining in with Ammon's dance.
 A special guess showed up. The audience could see him but Ammon didn't know who it was until he came around in front of him. The audience was going wild.COSMO!!!
 Cosmo gave Ammon a gift bag that had a great BYU winter knit cap with gloves and a new BYU shirt I've never seen. If Ammon could have jumped out of his chair, he would have. This was a highlight for him.
 So Cosmo is preparing to show some dance moves himself.
 Not a good picture but you can see Cosmo in flight.

 Final hug from Cosmo.
I don't know how to describe this whole evening and week. It's totally overwhelming. Everywhere Ammon went kids started chanting his name again - even when we left the building. Ammon was trying really hard not to cry several times during the night. He was very emotional as were we. An event like this, put on by students (student council) makes it very evident that there are phenomenal youth in this world who are learning how to selflessly serve. I'm so impressed by all of it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Very Special Week For Me

I had n AWESOME DAY TODAY! and I will have an AWESOME WEEK! Because Today I had a very special Assembly all about me. The Dance Company danced to a song called Cosmic Love. They were Amazing. and then the Dream Factory talked about their Program and then our family got to go up on stage to say some Positive things about me. and then the Jazz Band Played.and then Singers came and sang The Star-Spangled-Banner and they were FANTASTIC! and then the Student Council Came to bring me Backstage while they showed a video of us and in this video Emily Miller is kind of talking to my parents and my nephew Brenden asking me a lot of Questions and we couldn't see it because we were backstage. The student council gave me a bunch of gifts that included some things from the Dream Factory. I got a harness and headset for my Gopro camera and a pole that attaches to my wheelchair that can hold my iPad when I want to use it. I got a gift certificate to Coldstone and another iTunes gift card and lots and lots of Hershey bars!

After that, they played an audio clip from a friend of mine that is in Finland on a mission named Steven Goodsell. They showed his picture, too. Then they showed a short YouTube video from Chad Hymas who is a motivational speaker. He was talking to me! He told me not to give up on my dreams to be a motivational speaker like he is even in a wheelchair. That was awesome, too!

Then Mr. Peery, the principal talked about me and then told the students about another special ed student that passed away on Saturday night unexpectedly. His parents came to the school on Monday and gave Mrs. Wilder two bags of pop tabs that this boy had been collecting for me. That was really special.

And then we sang this year's school song and I got to go up to the front with the student council and do the dance moves and  sing the song.

We got shirts for the whole family (even all of you that don't live in Utah) and dog tags that say "Making Ammon's Dream Come True." We will send them all out to you.

Tomorrow night is a fundraiser called "The Manhawk." Only guys can dance and it is a competition. I am going to dance in it. It's lots of fun. Thursday is a movie night showing my favorite movie and next Monday is the Skyhawk Gorge -- lots of samples of food and activities for everybody. All of these activities are to raise money for The Dream Factory.

What can I say?!?  My school is awesome! I love everybody all of my heart and soul.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Miracles Happen

So today I had the most Spiritual Experience Ever. 3 Sundays ago I asked President Newman how I can meet one of the Apostles. He told me to just pray and Someday that might happen. So I kept praying that that might happen and so today I got to meet one of them Elder Jeffry R. Holland of the Quorum of the Seventy. I was so excited I couldn't breathe "I am positive it was a Revelation from Heaven in Every Step of the Way ". Quoted from Sanctify Yourselves From October 2000 General Conference. It shows that Heavenly Father really does answer Prayers. it has been the greatest week ever!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Gideon is here. He's a great dog, It will take a lot of work for him to listen to Ammon and for Ammon to figure out how to make him do what he wants him to do. We took him on a long walk yesterday and walking by the wheelchair is a challenge. Gideon was not trained to walk next to a wheelchair and he's a little afraid of the power chair. But as the walk continued, it got better. He wouldn't sleep in Ammon's room the first night. He slept there last night without any problem. He's HAIRY! But it is soft hair. We are hoping Ammon gets this down and that the dog will bond with him. That's what needs to happen.

 This is the Williams family that gave us Gideon.
 This is Maddie with Gideon. She is the one that trained Gideon and this was very difficult for her to give him up.

Friday, November 29, 2013

"Real" Thanksgiving

This year Ammon had his first "real" Thanksgiving. What I mean by that is this year he had no supplemental food. He has always sat at the dinner table but has never tasted any of the food on his plate this year. His tastes really surprise me but I'm so happy he is willing to try just about anything that is soft enough to easily chew.

Kaitlin made the spinach dip. Never in a million years did I think Ammon would enjoy it but he kept rubbing his tummy saying "Ummm. Ummm..." Like Bob in "What's Up Bob?" He declared that the spinach dip was like heaven. Huh?  Surprise # 1.

 Ammon ate two deviled eggs. Surprise # 2.  I like them but not enough to go make them except once a year for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll have to re-think that because protein is what Ammon needs in his diet and he loved the eggs.
 Below is Ammon's plate. He ate it all - mashed potatoes, cheese, olives (he is a true Clark here), raspberry jello, eggs, cranberry sauce and a little bit of the roll. The rolls were a little too chewy for him to eat easily.
It was very, very nice to have him eat with us. He was part of the group in every sense of the way.
A shout out to Kaitlin who did a great job helping get the meal ready. Her food rocked!

We had invited Cliff and Elva Ammons to have dinner with us as well. He has been our home teacher for several years and brings us pies and breads and carrots out of his garden and squash and crenshaw melons. He has been a spectacular home teacher. But now it's our turn to return the favor. Jim and Ammon now home teach him. He is in his 80s and his health is quite poor now. He is scheduled for back surgery in two weeks. Once he has recovered, they will move to Washington to live near their daughter. We will be very sad to see them leave but we're so happy we can have the opportunity to serve them now. Thanksgiving morning around 11:00 they called and said neither of them felt well enough to come so Jim loaded up plates and containers of food and he and Chad delivered it to them.

Ammon now belongs to the HOPE Squad at school. Copy and paste the address below to see what it is all about. You have to be invited to be part of this special group of students and leaders. Because Ammon has such a positive attitude about life, he was an obvious candidate to be part of this group.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Music Makes Him Happy

Music makes Ammon happy. It can get him through the roughest of days. Last Saturday Hal Shelly and his daughters Katie and Melissa came up to visit. Hal brought his guitar with him and he and Katie entertained Ammon with several numbers. Ammon was so excited when he recognized the songs. He sang along with those he knew. Hal said, "Well, if my home teacher can't come and visit me, I guess I'll just have to come and visit him." That visit made Ammon very happy.

Later in the evening Bishop Merrill and his son, Christian (Ammon's age) came up to visit and Christian also brought his guitar with him and sang some songs for Ammon. It was very touching for me to watch the interaction between Ammon and Christian. I took some videos but I can't get them to download with any sound so I'm leaving them off.

Jess and Jen gave Ammon their Ipod and that made Ammon happy beyond belief! He thinks it's his birthday every day now. Adrianne sent a beautiful CD for Ammon to listen to (Mindy Gledhill). I haven't heard it yet but Jim said it is really beautiful. The girls sang for Ammon the day after he got into the hospital (By Heart). I truly believe it was music that jump started his spirits.

Ammon is in a difficult situation. He is not sick. He is generally in good spirits. But it doesn't appear that the hole is healing any time soon. He will stay where he is until Friday when they will re-assess the situation. Surgery isn't a good option but they may have no choice except to chose that route. Having him live with that huge tube down his throat can't be a long-term solution. In short, the doctors don't know what to do and neither do we.  I had no idea we would run into such a difficult problem. I think this will be life-changing for him but I'm not sure just what those changes will be.

He needs your prayers. I need your prayers. Today is very overwhelming for me, personally.

Ammon is the one cheering me up tonight.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tired & Done With it All!

On Friday night, Ammon had a frosty (homemade one) for dinner. He loved it. About 15 minutes after he ate, I checked in on him to see what he was doing. I noticed that the front of his shirt was wet and thought maybe he had spilled his shake but he said he didn't. So I took him out of his wheelchair and saw that the dressing around the repaired hole where his g-tube had been was leaking. There was no way it should have been leaking at all. The doctors had separated the stomach from the wall of the belly and had stitched both the stomach and the belly separately. But there was the shake leaking out. Jim immediately called the hospital because we were afraid it might be leaking into his peritoneum which could require immediate surgery and would be a hard one to fight. They told us to take him to the ER (yeah, our favorite place) so we left about 8:15 p.m.  Once we got there, they examined him, called in our surgeon's partner and made some decisions.  He called Dr. Scaife (our original surgeon) and they discussed the matter at length. They had me feed Ammon some flavored dye through a large syringe so they could watch the track of the liquid via ultrasound. It was determined that there was no leakage into the peritoneum so surgery was ruled out. We initially wanted them to do surgery immediately and repair the hole. Apparently the stomach adhered back to the belly wall due to scar tissue and then the stitches ruptured open. It was just like we hadn't done the surgery the Monday before.

The options were not good ones. They felt that the tissue surrounding the area was too inflamed and fragile to hold up for another larger, more difficult surgery so they said they needed to pump his stomach via an NG tube which we had promised Ammon would not happen as long as he ate enough to satisfy us. Well, he had done that and here we were, facing the one thing none of us wanted.

It devastated Ammon to have the tube threaded through his nose and down his throat. He cried for hours and hours. He was angry and he was defeated. He said, "Didn't I eat enough, Mom? I tried! Why do I have to do this? I'm tired. My body is tired. Thirty seven surgeries are enough. I'm done. I don't want to do it any more."  I couldn't blame him. I cried with him, filled with regret that the NG tube had to be placed. Filled with sorrow that there weren't many good options and filled with an emotional pain that is hard to describe as you watch your own child suffer and you can only hold him and reassure him that he really doesn't want to die. I'm sure he did at that point. We finally got him admitted at 3:00 a.m. and turned off the lights to the room at 3:30 a.m. It was a rough night for all of us, but especially Ammon.

They began immediately the pump to get liquid out of Ammon's stomach. The goal is to have the stomach stop producing juices so it can be quiet and allow the flow of the acidic material to stop. That will help the inflammation decrease and hopefully will allow the skin to close in itself and heal. There are two more possibilities that we are facing. It may be possible to insert a new G-tube if it looks like the skin won't close but again we may be buying more, new issues like we are trying to fix. If they can't do that or we decide not to go that route, then surgery will have to happen to get that hole closed.

So they need to feed Ammon some nutrition so bulk up his system and get more protein inside him which helps with the healing process. They are doing that with a pic-line. That's like an IV only it goes deep into an artery and they stitch it in place because it will be used long-term. In order to insert a pic-line, Ammon can't move a muscle. (This happened the following afternoon.)

The people doing the procedure came in and asked if he wanted to be sedated or just hold still. I suggested they see if the music therapy people were in the hospital because they were such a good distraction 4 years ago that Ammon didn't need to be sedated. Ammon was all for that idea. The group wasn't in the hospital so we called child life and the woman below is holding an Ipod finding Ammon's favorite music which she let him listen to while they inserted the pic-line.
 This is the woman that put in the pic-line. We had an interesting conversation with her. When I asked Ammon how he wanted to do this, she piped up and said, "Well, Ammon, you are only 17 and you can't make the decision. Your mother will do that." I glared at her and said, "This is Ammon's body. He has a mind of his own and he chooses for the most part (all except the NG tube) what should or should not be done. I just support his choices so it's up to him and we will respect what he wants to do." She looked pretty shocked but she was very respectful after that towards Ammon. In fact, while working, she asked a lot of questions about Ammon. She was very touched to hear how active he has been in school, i.e., dates, Manhawk dance competition, etc. She saw him, finally, as a real young man who is special - and he's a person, not a dummy she has practiced on. It turned out to be a great experience even though it started out a little rocky.
 Ammon did not move a muscle or cry one little bit. He was incredible. She said, "I wish every one of my patients were like he was." (Well, hopefully she will care a little more about them as individuals in the future.)
 So I went on my mandatory walk to clear my head and to see all the new things happening at PCMC. They are tearing up the front of the building but I don't know what they are going to do with the space. The ER wing is now complete and a complete maze - you can definitely get lost in there and get locked out as well.
 There are now several children's statues along the front wall of the hospital just in front of the ER wing. It is very nice.
 While this issue with Ammon isn't the most daunting one he has ever faced (by a long way), emotionally it has been the worst one. He is now old enough to speak up and understand more about what they are doing. They asked him (after the NG tube had been inserted) on a scale of 1-10 what his pain was with 10 being the most severe. He held up 10 fingers and said, "Ten - my emotional pain is 10." For the following two and a half days, he has barely spoken to anyone. He is miserable and sad and depressed as he told me he was. He gave up the fight. It scared me because he's always been such a fighter. Tonight I talked to him and he told him his spirits were lifting just a little. He sounded much better. Now if that darn stomach would just stop producing and clear up, they could pull that tube out and Ammon's spirits would brighten immensely.
 A reflection of the huge new building being built across from PCMC.
We are looking for any little ray of sunshine we can find right now. I found one.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Party Has Just Begun

The picture above is of Kylee Adamson.. Last night was really fun. We ate dinner and then we played some games like Sorry, and air hockey and Uno and a little bit of apples to apples. I even got to sing Kylee's mom You Are My Sunshine. It was sweet because her father used to sing that to her before he died so it was good to bring that memory back into her life. Yeah, I am sweet.

Kylee has been one of the peer tutors in our special ed class. She is the one that taught us the Manhawk dance. We all love her! She graduates this week and we'll miss her.

Here's the gang eating BBQ and chips.
Kylee is teaching me how to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect.
I finally got it and they all cheered. Kylee, Tommy and Tanner are with me.

This is Tanner Thorpe. We have been friends since 7th grade. We have a good time together.
This was the sweetest night ever! It was fun to hang out with good friends.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

preference dance

This Last Saturday I went to Preference I went with Hannah Tambasco And Megen Brockbank came with her date Dalen Neilson It Was Super Awesome! She Took Dance From Gillian And she is a sweethart to a T. We first went to megans house to eat dinner and we played disney Scene it and Headbandz and then we went to the dance there were a couple slow songs I even got to request a slow song and the most beautiful thing I did was put My right hand on hannahs hip And put my left one on her hand it was magical.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eye Of the Tiger

Yesterday We had a Manhawk at Our school and it was super fun I wanted to do it We did an awesome job after the dance we got 2nd place. By the way the names of the teams were the Chinchillas,Fresh Five,Miami Ice and Suspicious and Delicious It was way fun.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guys And Dolls Review and a Joke

So today In Mrs Wilders Class We Had The Opportunity to Go And see Guys And Dolls I saw it And Did Not Like It It Was All About Gambling To Get a girl And I did Not Care For It So That Is My Review Sorry To Be So Hateful But I do Not Like That Stuff.
How Do you Know there's in elephant in your Refrigerator
You Cannot Open It. Bye.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My awesome Report Card

So today in seminary they passed out Report Cards and I got one and It Says that I have an A In  Seminary and Also Today we are going to redo my room And paint it And Gillian is going to the neighbors house and she just got back and her and I are going to cut A BYU banner out for me To redo my awesome room It is going to be awesome.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Step Closer

I hope Mom Doesn't hurt me for Getting this out in the open but Yesterday mom gave me some news that The Make-a-wish Foundation Guy called Mom And he said that Spina Bifida children do not qualify But The Guy Is Going To call Dr Smith And He Is going to fill out the Paperwork And Maybe In A week He will call Us Yay!!! I am One step closer To doing This Dream big!!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Term 1 Finale Celebration

Well Today was a very exciting day for me I finished Term 1 so exciting I feel like I just want to party all day   long and Mom is coming home so we can Celebrate Now If i can just finish Terms 2, 3, and 4 This Is Going to be so Awesome!!! Yay for me

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movie Review part 3

For this weeks review I decided To review Dolphin Tales Directed By Charles Martin Smith Starring Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Morgan Freeman Kris Kristofferson and Harry Connick Jr. The movie is amazing the best film I have seen Besides The Odd Life Of Timothy Green The cast Is phenomenal the cinemetography is outstanding I personally encourage you to go and see it It is a great family-oriented film I like it That's All For Today Seeya.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday festivities

Last Friday for My birthday I woke up we sang Happy Birthday to me and then opened my presents I got David Archuleta's new CD begin and then. I went to school Everybody wished me a happy birthday and then. For our Photography class. We went to Salem pond to have fun taking pictures and then. after we came back People in my class wrote me Birthday Cards.Then. I came home Gillian and Mia And I just talked outside. Then we Fed and Cathed Me and We drove off to pick Mom and Kaitlin up from work then we headed to the mall And we stopped at Fye And I got 1 CD And 2 DVDS THe First DVD i got was Where The Wild Thing Are And Dolphin Tale It Was Fun.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homecoming Dance

Well, Homecoming 2012 has come and gone.  According to Ammon, he had a great time.  Amelia is very tall and to quote Ammon, "She has stilettos on."  Where did he learn that word anyway? Her parents delivered her to our house where we visited for a little while and then Jim and I took the kids down to Salem where they were meeting up with 4 or 5 other couples. (Four of the boys were priests in Ammon's priest quorum.)  When they were done eating, they called us and Jim went down and picked them up and delivered them to the dance. After the dance was over, Jim went down and picked them up and took Amelia home.  It took some work to get all the details figured out, but we got it done.  (Thanks to Jim for all his hard work today to help make this a success.)

(This first picture is focused very well.)

 This is the corsage that Campus Floral made and I think it was one of my all-time favorite ones.
 This was Ammon after he came home. I said, "How was the dance?" He answered below with his arms spread out wide, "IT WAS AWESOME!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A big day

Today It was a normal day I got to go to my first club. Yesterday Saturday I get to go To Homecoming and Next Wednesday is My concert  And it is also general conference Saturday and sunday and Speaking of Homecoming We will first Get to Eat at my place And Then When We get There We will Get To Dance And Then get Our pictures Taken Its going to be so much fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

High school Happenings

So So far school is great for me the halls are not crowded and my classes are great I have Mr Poole for english, Mr Bills,for choir Brother Gividen for Seminary, and Mr Andrews For Photography It Is Great GO SKYHAWKS


So For all the guys out there Next Saturday I am going to the Homecoming Dance with A friend who is in my Photography class Her name is Amelia Weight and we are just going to have a good time and boogie the night away It is going to be fun I am so excited.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thursday's Heroes 2012

Ammon got to go to BYU Thursday's Heroes Reunion tonight. It was blazing hot but we had a great time anyway.
Coach Mendenhall knew who Ammon was as soon as he saw him.

 Ammon's explaining how he broke his arm. He told Coach Mendenhall, "Sunday night I hurt and I cried." The coach said, "It's ok to cry. I cry sometimes - even at BYU." 
 One very happy camper.
 Justin -- Can't remember his name but he sat at the dinner table with us last year and again this year. I heard him tell a friend as soon as he walked onto the field, "I've got to find my man, Ammon." Loved that mohawk.  He is a tackle. He's a lot of fun.
 Kyle VanNoy - a really great player.
 Michael Yeck - I know his wife through work. A really great young man who is trying to put on more weight. He is an offensive tackle. He told us that he has been working with the nutritionists this year and they are trying to get him to bulk up. That means they want him to eat 7,000 calories a day. He said, "I can't eat that much food. Eating isn't fun when you have to eat that much."
 Player in the hat is the quarterback, Riley Nelson.
Ammon got to meet Max Hall again this year. He was the quarterback when Ammon was inducted as a Hero. He is waiting to see if he gets picked up by the NFL as a free agent this year but is most likely going to stay on at BYU as a staff member working with the quarterbacks.
Like always, this is a wonderful event. We sat at the table with a young woman with three beautiful little children. Her husband was a Thursday Hero last September. He had cancer. Two days after he was inducted, he went into the hospital where they told him he didn't have much longer to live. He lived until last May. She will always be invited to be part of this group. It's very touching to see how some of the players really connect with the kids. Some do not but many of the biggest, toughest guys are softies at heart - you can just tell.