Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break Adventures

Spring break was fun this year.  I played catch with my football with Shelby. I decided I'd become a great mini-quarterback for the BYU football team. We played Shelby's Wii games one day and I just kind of hung out until Friday. Mom took Friday off work and in the afternoon, we took a little drive down to Utah Lake to see how full it was. It was super full. The fields (called Wride's Pond) were very full of water with lots of ducks, geese and pelicans. I went to the doctor's office with Dad that afternoon, too.

On Saturday, I went to get my hair cut by Gillian and then I asked Mom to take me to the BYU library because I wanted to see how big it was.  It was heaven!  One of the books we found was called "Slang Dictionary." It was pretty funny. (Mom kept turning some of the pages, though because there were some bad words in it.) Mom took me all around the library. I hope to find a book of idioms there soon.

Then we met up with Kaitlin who had just come from a final. We talked to her for a while before she had to go to an interview. Mom let me take a lot of pictures with her little camera.

Here I am sitting next to the "Y."

Taking some pictures. A lot of them were kind of crooked because I sit crooked. But it's my point of view, I guess.

I thought this was a cool tree. Mom said it is the same kind they have planted in our front yard. I took this picture after Mom helped me get it straight.

I took this one of Kaitlin.
Mom had to help me with the picture of the Y because I couldn't see it in the camera since the sun was so bright. We shared the camera.

If you click on the picture, you will be able to see the three big pelicans on Wride's Pond.

And to top it all off, I just want to say I have been taken by angels to good heaven because it was the best spring break of my life without any school, homework, etc.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Mom surprised Ammon yesterday afternoon with a new suit - his very first one. He wasn't sure he liked the color at first and wanted a dark blue one. Mom said those are boring. Once he got the suit on, he decided it was pretty nice. We had tried to purchase one for Christmas a year ago but they didn't sell the suit jackets and slacks separately. If they don't sell them separately, then we can't buy them because Ammon's arms are so long and his waist to tiny that they definitely aren't the same size. This suit was sold as a separate so Mom grabbed it.

Ammon thought Mom's word, "Snazolla" was pretty dumb when she said he was a real snazolla - he looked absoultely, postively snazzy! He wore the suit to Jess' ward today and he looked pretty dapper.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

You all know that Mom loves April Fools Day. Ammon has been obsessed about playing some kind of prank on somebody this year so I quietly decided that I would play one on him. About a month ago, when I was getting him ready for bed, as I took off his shirt, I noticed that one of my knee high nylons was stuck inside his shirt sleeve. Apparently the dryer and the shirt had a love affair with that nylon. He had worn it all day at school and no one noticed. I laughed and laughed. Ammon was totally embarrassed but he insisted that I had done it on purpose. Nothing I said would convince him otherwise. So I decided that I would purposely do that for April Fools.
Unfortunately, he found one stuffed up his left sleeve just before he left for school.

Fortunately, he didn't find the second one and wore it to school!

On a more serious note, Ammon has a scheduled appointment with the bishop a week from Sunday to get a recommend to get his patriarchal blessing. He is so excited. So are we.