Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ammon's Great Week

Ammon had a great week last week.  His choir class is preparing for their Christmas concert on Dec. 8. His choir director, Miss McCune, has several kids sing solo lines in the songs but they have to audition. Unbeknownst to me (Mom) and Dad, Ammon auditioned for one that's called "Peace on Earth." He was so excited to tell us about the audition. He said his teacher said, "That was really good, Ammon!" The class all clapped for him. But he wouldn't know if he got a part for several days.  He anxiously waited. I kept trying to help him understand if he didn't get a part that it would be ok and we were proud of him no matter what happened. I was afraid that the teacher would think the audience couldn't hear him. A few days passed by and he finally got the word that four kids were chosen to sing the solos ..... and he is one!!!  He is excited and so are we.  This is an invitation to all family members that might be able to make it to come hear your youngest brother sing a solo.  He doesn't seem to be the least bit daunted by the task.

Next Sunday after church, he is going to meet with his priesthood leaders and they are going to practice and figure out how to make it work so Ammon can finally bless the sacrament. He can't bend his head down so they are getting a card for him to hold. He will be able to break the bread but will probably only get a half slice broken before another Priest helps him. It doesn't matter - what matters is that he will bless the sacrament and he will be a very worthy Priest that performs that ordinance.

He's been working with the scout master and other adult leaders to help him chart out a course for scouts. He has learned to tie two knots. It took him a long time to do it -- but he did.  They will meet with him again tonight to show him what he needs to do now that a committee has seen what the intentions are.  I don't know if he can make Eagle but he wants to work toward it and the leaders seem to be there to support him in every possible way.

His school had Red Ribbon Week during the week of Halloween. He got to wear his Halloween costume (an avid, blue-faced BYU fan) on one day and then the other days the wore were all kinds of wacky costumes (pj day, 80's days, etc.) On the last day of the week some BYU athletes came to talk to the kids about being drug free.  Ammon was giddy with excitement because he was determined to go get their autographs and talk to them.  He was able to meet them after the assembly and came home with their autographs. I asked him if he knew who they were and he said he didn't remember. I couldn't really read their signatures so I was stumped.  Last night he wanted to watch the football game with us. He asked me to get his autograph paper so we could find # 42. Holy cow!!!  # 42 is Mike Alisa, one of the new, up and coming young players that is doing really well this year. He is a good player!  And now Ammon knows who he is.

What a week Ammon had!