Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am posting this just a few hours before Ammon turns 14. By the time he reads this tomorrow it will be his birthday. We are celebrating with a little party in his hospital room, 2031 about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. Everybody is invited! He is VERY excited to see everybody and to get his presents (the greedy little dude!).

We are sure glad you came to our family, Ammon. You have shown us courage, love, kindness, and infinite goodness. You have a most tender spirit and that softens all of us. We are all better people because of you. We love you!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!!!
Wow, you've been through so much! You're my hero!!!
Can you believe I remembered your birthday? Hang in there, ad get better so you can get back to your friends at school!
Love ya,
Annette Gebert

Dave and Tana said...

Amsterdam. I love you and I want to wish you a happy happy birthday! just two more years and you will be dating the women
! haha. I wish I could be there!

chelsey said...

Happy 14th bday Ammon! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I hope you have a fun day today. So do you think you'll be able to take a stroll around the hospital today or are you stuck in bed?
I can't believe you'll be 16 in just 2 short years! Holy cow! You're quite the man dude! Have a great day today!

chelsey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMMON!!!!! w00000000t! 14! u rox! go u!!!!!! Geoff(the awesome)

Jed and Kera said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! I'm Adrianne's friend and I know she loves you so much! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks (hope you don't mind!) What a strong young man you are! You inspire me to be a better person! AGAIN HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon! You don't know me but I am friends with your sister Chelsey on Facebook. I wanted to visit your blog and wish you a very Happy Birthday today! Enjoy your day and your party (and your presents!!! c:)

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday, Ammon! I am a friend of Adrianne, so I've heard a bit about you, and how amazing your sister knows you are. I hope you have a happy birthday, and that you enjoy your year of being 14. Hugs, and wishes,

Jill Wilhite

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!

Melody said...

Ammon, Happy Birthday! I'm Adrianne's friend from church. I'm so proud of you for keeping a smile on your face when things are tough. Reading your blog has encouraged me to be strong like you! You are a hero to all that know you and can read about you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my name is Kristi (see above post)... :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Katie said...

Hey Ammon,
I am one of Adrianne's friends.
I just read part of your blog and think you are so brave and strong.
I hope that your birthday is simply fabulous and that you get some fun presents! :0)

Jason said...

Happy birthday, Ammon. It's hard to believe you are 14 already. Although you and I are brothers, we don't know each other very well because I am so much older than you are. However, you are a great example to me and I love you for that. We are all a little better for having you in our family. Thanks.

Love, Jason

Marcy (a.k.a. Lady Lyn) said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! I'm Adrianne's friend and I got to see you at your house the last time she came to visit. You had the best smile on your face when we said hi to each other. I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you feel the Lord smiling down on you and His Spirit all around you.


Jess and Jen said...

Ammon Eggs...see you tonight at your par-tay. Later, dude, and Happy Birthday. -Jess (remember, your favorite brother???)

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Hi Ammon, you don't know us but we're friends with your sister Adrianne and her husband! We've heard about your journey from her and are just in awe at all you've been through and the smile on your face! We sure hope you have a great day and are feeling better very soon. May God bless you on your journey!
With Love,

The Greenstreet Family
Norfolk, VA

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! We are also friends of Adrianne and Mike, and we want to wish you well on your special day! From the things Adrianne says, we know you are surrounded by a family who loves you very much and we wish you the best.

Hansen Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Oklahoma.
Have a great day and get well soon.
Jim, Reba and Mariah.

Heidi Rullmann said...

You’re a whole year older now – WOW
Amazing! Holy Cow! One year nicer, sillier, too,
And simply loved for being you.
A friend of Chelsey's from Cincinnati

Mike and Adrianne said...

AMMON! I am so glad it's your birthday! I am sad I can't be there to share it with you and eat Frosty's and Hershey bars with you. We pray for you every day and hope your birthday is awesome. You only have two more years before you can date the ladies...

Marci said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!! I can't beleive you are 14 already!! We hope you have a great party tonight! I know you hate the hospital but the good thing is there are lots of nurses who adore you- you always like that huh? who could resist, you are such a cuite!! Have a great day, Love Mark, Marcie and Katie Ellett (Jens family)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!! Hope it is a GREAT ONE!!

Jess and Jen said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Ammon! I love you. I think you're a great uncle! I'm glad I got to see you yesterday and again today. We should watch Disney together again! -Abby

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ammon Dear! Happy Days will come to you all year. If I had one wish that wish would be a Happy Happy Birthday to you from Me.
Best Birthdays are celebrated the primary way if you ask me! Hope you have a wonderful day. You are hero of many.

chelsey said...

Happy birthday~! I love you.


Utah's Best said...


I can't believe you are already 14. I hope you have a great day. I wish I lived closer and could make it to your party tonight. I hope you have a great time. You are such a good example to me.

Love your cousin,

Allexis Owen

Mike and Adrianne said...

happy birthday! Other people are sending lots of messages. I love you. Good bye, Ammon. Love, William

Mike and Adrianne said...

Hi Ammon. I love you. Have a good birthday. Love, nvbhruyt43y433544iii9p (Isaac)vbnmrh

Steff said...

Hi Ammon,

We have never met but I feel like I know you from all I have heard and read about you. I am friends with your sister Adrianne. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to tell you thanks for being such an amazing guy. You are a true hero and I know you you are an inspiration to many as you go through this journey on earth. We pray for you daily and we hope you have a fantastic day today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! Love, Eli

P.S. Will has something else to say. He wants to say that he is going to make a mummy picture today for you. Good bye one more time. yyyyyyiotgoioyygituyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (and Isaac wants to make you a dinosaur)

Andrea said...

Hey Ammon,
You don't know me, but I was your sister Chelsey's roomate at BYU when you were born. I remember how excited your family was that you were here.
I have followed your blog, and I think you are an awesome young man.
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
Andrea Heinig

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon,

I'm your sister Adrianne's friend and although I don't know you, I have seen the influence you've had on Adrianne. She talks of you with such love and respect and really admires you. I can tell that you are an amazing young man and touch the lives of all those around you. Have a wonderful birthday and I hope you can break out of the hospital soon.

Love, Amee Mandelin

Pitcher Family said...

Hey Ammon~

I'm Mike Richards sister, Mandy. We wish you a great birthday and hope this is a great year for you!
Mike and Mandy Pitcher (and kids!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!! I hope you have a great birthday with your family and friends. You are truely blessed- and have a new person in your life to pray for you!!! God Bless

Team Clark said...

Holy cow, Ammon - you're ONE POPULAR MAN!
We love you and hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday! We'll be thinking of you.
And just know that we're TRYING to give you a special birthday present today of your niece born on your birthday. Hopefully it will work!
Love you!
Adam, Amy, Henry and Ella

traceyroxanne said...

Happy Birthday from Ohio! I'm a friend of Adrienne's and was very inspired by your story. Thought I'd share a joke:
What do you call a gorilla with a banana in each of his ears? It doesn't matter-because he can't hear you. But, if he was YOUR friend, I would call him BLESSED. Happy Birthday :)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Ammon! Your sister Chelsey is in my ward and I just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy day! It's also my son's 5th birthday today, so you are in good company. Have a wonderful day!

Jen Livingston

Jess and Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! We are sick so we can't come see you today, but we love you and hope you have a fantastic day! Love, Leah and Lauren

Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

Happy Birthday, Ammon! And I hope you are feeling better! Adrianne and the rest of your family love you very much. I think you're all lucky to have each other. You'll be in my prayers today.

Anita said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ammon! Wishing you a great day from Mobile, Alabama!

Michelle said...

Hope you get better soon and can come home. Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of loot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ammon the Joneses - old friends from the Indiana years and now from Michigan - wish him a totally awesome birthday.

Susan and Dewey Jones

renee said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!!!
I cant believe your already 14. It seems like just yesterday you were a little boy and now you're a handsome teenager. I hope you have a fantastic birthday...
Your cousin Renee

Cris said...

Hope you have a happy birthday and that you feel better soon!

Gillian said...

I dont even know where to start! Well, I guess, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Ammon, you have made me a better person. I have never met anyone like you. You have so much strength, faith, happiness, will to do good, and courage. Everyday I wish I was more like you. I knew I could pass my state boards if you helped me out and said a prayer for me because of your faith. And yes, I passed!! I am so happy that you are my brother. You are loved by so many and hated by NONE! Everyone loves you! Even if they dont know you. Did you see all these crazy comments on here?! You lucky dog. You are by far my best friend in the entire world and I cant wait to see you tonight at your party!!! I'll bring the cake... :) Happy 14th b-day buddy. I love you more than life itself!

Love, your most FAVORITE sister,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! I hope you have a great day! I can't believe that you are 14 crazy. I remember you as a baby! I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Get better soon.
Amber Rentschler

Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy,
I hear you're having some tough times right now so I was thinking it might be a good idea if I could also share a challenge with you.

What I'd like you to do is design a flag for yourself and then I'll take it with me on my climb next summer and plant it right up on the very top of a mountain. It would really be neat to have your own flag flying up there in the clouds and I'd be happy to put it there for you.

I'm studying three areas that have lots of mountains and so by next spring I'll have decided which mountain I'm going to climb and will let you know. It will either be in the San Juan mountains of Colorado, a mountain in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, or a mountain in Glacier National Park located in Montana.

So, you do a nice design of a special flag just for you and maybe we can get one of your sisters to put your design on a piece of cloth.

Keep up the good work and let's do this challenge together. Hope you feel better soon!
Uncle Allen

Cameron and Camilla Bendixsen said...

Ammon!! Happy Birthday dude. You are growing up way too fast. Way to be strong through it all- I love you!

Love Camilla

Jeff said...


Happy Birthday!!!


Team Clark said...

Happy Birthday Ammon,

I am Carole, Amy's Mom. Do you remember when we first met you, when Amy and Adam got married? That was 5 years ago! You looked so handsome and were so happy when your family was all together to see Adam and Amy get married. We were very happy to meet you and get to know you and all of the Clark family.
We hope you have a happy, happy day today. Wouldn't it be fun if Amy had her baby girl today...just for your birthday?
Happy day and lots of hugs from the Brundage family!

nicole said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! You're an inspiration! Sending you birthday wishes from Wisconsin. Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Alexandra said...

Dear Ammon,

Happy Birthday dear cousin! I don't live in Utah anymore so I never get to visit you, but I love you and keep you in my prayers. I'm sending you a happy birthday wish from Jerusalem!

Have a wonderful, happy day - you are so brave and strong and your faith lifts so many people, thank you for your goodness.

Have fun tonight at your party!

With love,
Your cousin Alexandra

Ruther said...

Hi Ammon! My name is Ruth. I lived with your sister Adrianne when we went to BYU. I don't think I've seen you since Adrianne got married. I hope you have a splendiferous birthday! Best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon,

I was a friend of your sister Chelsey in high school. Happy Birthday today. Enjoy your party and presents too:) I can tell you are a special guy who is very loved.


Andy Laura Nick and Noah said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!
I'm your brother-in-laws(Mike) brother, Andy. I met you when I came over to your house for pizza diner one night, and then spent one Thanksgiving at your place.
I hope you have an AWSOME 14th birthday.
It's amaizing how much you're courage and streangth have touched so many people. Keep up the good work. I know that Heavenly Father is proud of you.

Mommo said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!
A wonderful guy deserves a wonderful day. I hope yours is the best.
Get well soon.

grams said...

It will take you days to read all these birthday wishes. You can add mine to all the others. Glad you are feeling better today and wishing you many more happy days and birthdays. You and your family are our special wonderful friends. Love Judy

Mike and Adrianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! I know you are way past primary age but this is one of my favorite songs ... so here goes!
Happy, Happy, Birthday Ammon dear,
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish then it would be,
A Happy, Happy, Birthday to you from me.

Love, Janet Williamson

Matt said...

Hey Ammon,

Happy birthday buddy. It been a while since I've seen you but you look good. 14 years old. Wow. Congratulations bud.

Have a good day today OK? You make us all want to be a bit better.


Pat Woolen said...

Hello Ammon,

What a beautiful smile you have.
I want to wish you a "Happy Birthday" from the Great State of Oklahoma..
We are getting ready for Halloween here..The weather is turning cooler and Pumpkins are everywhere.
I send you my prayers that you will feel peace and Love from everyone around you...
Keep showing your Big, Beautiful Smile, especially on your "BIRTHDAY".
Woo Hoo for You:)
Pat Woolen

Kirk said...

Happy Birthday, Ammon!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMMON May the Good Lord Bless you in your journey here on earth. I know he Loves you and all his children very much. Keep thinking positive, doing what you can and the Lord will take care of the rrest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Mac Niel & Rhonda Ogden

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ammon! I am a friend of your sister Adrianne, and met you a few times when she and I were roommates in college. I have always admired your strength and your courage. You are a hero! I hope you have a very wonderful birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ammon, it used to be so fun to visit your family's house because you would be there to joke with us and make us laugh, and share a bit of your beautiful heart with us. You didn't know me at all but you welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable and like an insider on your humor :)


Tish said...

Hey Ammon, I'm a friend of your brother Lance. Just wanted to wish you an awesome birthday, hope it's the best one yet!!

Anonymous said...

I met you once when you were visiting Adrianne AND I heard you just had a surgery right before your b-day. Bummer:( Well, I hope you have a happy birthday ANYWAY...Wisconsin is praying for you!

Best Wishes,
Adam and Heather Boden

Mike and Adrianne said...

Happy 14th Birthday and hope you're feeling better soon Barb Mongold

jennifer said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ammon, happy birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Handsome! Hope you are having a super day! I feel so blessed to have you in my class this year and can't wait to get you back to all the fun! I promise no gooey hands for a while!

Much Love,
Mrs. Wendy Stoker

Katie said...

Look how popular you are!!!! You are such an amazing person Ammon!! You always know how to make everyone smile! Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I'm so glad I know you. I hope you have an AMAZING Birthday! Keep Smiling! Love,
Katie (Shelley) Curtis

ThirdSister said...


You are in the thoughts of many on this totally awesome birthday of yours! Our family wishes you joy and hope and love from Ohio!

The Lawsons --
Steve, Sherry, Ammon, Aaron, Ryan, Sariah, and Hyrum

P.S. Our Ammon's birthday isn't too far behind yours... he turns 14 in January.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I am friends with your sister, Chelsey. I hope that you have a great Birthday! Keep smiling and you will be home from the hospital soon :)

Anonymous said...

I do want to wish Ammon a Happy Birthday! He is one Awesome and Couragous little dude! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

your cousin,
Charlene Clark Brailsford

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Citrus Heights 4th Ward.

~Nancy Shay Ruegner

tessa said...

Happy Birthday from Arizona, Ammon. You don't know our family but we've read about you and feel we know you a little bit. We hope you feel celebrated on your 14th birthday and that you will continue to recover and recuperate. Thanks for sharing some of your strength and example with us.

Cindy n Orv said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!!!
You have been such an example to me ever since I met you. I want you to know that the School Nurses are praying for you and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.
Your strength and your smile are contagious and make me a better person!
Get well quick buddy so you can come back to school! You are missed!!!
Love, Cindy-the Sp. Ed. Nurse

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! You're such a stud. Have the best birthday ever! God bless.


Eric Fillmore

Keri said...

I love you 1,000,000 Hershey Bars.
Mrs. Minson

Dave and Tana said...

Ammon! Happy Happy 14th birthday to you! I cannot believe I am the 79th comment. You have a lot of people that love and care about you very much! Hope you have a very very special day! I love you so very much! Dont be too crazy in your 14th year of life! Love- Tana

Mike and Adrianne said...

Happy Birthday, Ammon! It's crazy to me that you are 14. I hope you have a great time at your party tonight and I wish we could be there. We'll have to come and you visit you a lot when we move to Colorado.


Kurt said...

Here comes number 80 unless someone cuts in front of me! Ammon happy birthday! You're so old I can't even believe it! I hope your birthday is as happy as I am to know you. You have helped me out, whether you know it or not, more than I could ever thank you for! Have a good day bud and I'll see you around soon.

Sarah Hull said...

Ammon you are my new hero!!! Happy Birthday big guy! We have a daughter that was born with SB six years ago! Thanks for being such an awesome example!
Sending Love and Happy Birthday wishes your way!
The Hull Family,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ammon,
happy birthday
I hope you have a good one!
my mom and dad say Hi!
I love you
I miss you!
Eat lots of chocolate for me!
save me a piece! :)
every one says Hi!:)
from, sarah

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!! I knew your sister Chelsea when she was quite a bit younger and boy could I tell you some stories lol just kidding she was and is a great person, you have a great family. Just ask her about the beans LOL Take care and I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon from Ohio! We hope you have a GREAT birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy 14th Birthday, Ammon. You are so awesome! I hope that you have a great day.


Anonymous said...


You are the man. Everyone ought to try and be more like you. Your smile says it all! May God keep blessing you as you continue to bless everyone else with a good attitude and a huge heart. Happy Birthday!


Nancy Flack Teusch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMMON! I've been friends with your family forever! Your mom & dad are the best. I used to babysit your 6 oldest brothers and sisters. That was a LONG time ago!

Have a wonderful birthday celebration. Best wishes from all my family to you!

Cassandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cassandra said...

Hey Ammon! I just wanted to send my best boy some birthday wishes! You are such an amazing person and you inspire me so much. I can't help but smile every time I see you :) Happy Birthday and I hope to see you soon!


LanceandNance said...

Ammon, you are such a stud!!! Love you man! Happy B-day!

The Woods said...

Happy Birthday!! I am so excited to get to know more about you through your blog. Adrianne has already shared some of your story with me. It seems that you have a lot of people wishing you well and sending very Happy Birthday wishes. Count me in too! I wish you the best on your very special day!!

The Cook Fam said...

Hey Ammon,

It's Ally's sister Amie. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 14th Birthday!

Aleasha said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! You are such an inspiration to us all. What a trooper! My thoughts and prayers will be with you...Aleasha Rhien

Cristina said...

Happy birthday to you! You are one amazing kiddo. Hope you have a great and fantastic day :)

Kaitlin said...

AMMON!!!! Oh my gosh I can't believe that you are 14! I miss you so much and I am sorry that I haven't seen you at the hospital yet. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you tonight. I want you to get better soon because I miss seeing you everyday. Ammon, Lexi Brown and Mat Harvey told me to say Happy Birthday to you from them. We will miss you always little buddy! You are definitely the favorite brother anyone could ever have. You are the king of all things handsome prince like. I have to tell you one more thing..... I am happy that I am the favorite sister! I miss you so much and I can't wait until you get to come home for good, not just a little while. Everyone is so proud of you Ammon. I couldn't ever do what you do. I am so scared of needles that I would have freaked out doing a pick line... or what ever it is called... Anyways. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND HAPPY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!

Your Pretty Princess, and best/favorite sister ever,

Katy :D

Katie Ellett said...

HEY AMMON!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY i cant believe your 14!!! thats crazy.. hope you have a FABULOUS day...

Katie Ellett (jens sister)!!!

Michelle Williamson said...

Ammon, you dont know me, but ive heard TONS about you! your sister Adrian, thinks very highly about you. and when she lived here in Midwest City and was the Primary Prez, shed tell us about you. She shared many good and great stories about you and how you have shown her so much faith and courage. she also smile through all of the hard times.

Ammon, KEEP SMILING! you ARE blessed! angels continuously surround you, watching over you!

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY! my son recently turned 15! :) your practically twins! lol

ammon, i ask the Lord to bless you and be with you and tend to your needs as you struggle and move forward with your life. i ask He also, be with you and all your friends and family as you have a blessed and beautiful 14th BIRTHDAY!

(tell adrian hello for me!lol)

from the midwest city 1st ward!
ctr-a teacher: sister MICHELLE WILLIAMSON

i have a blog online for my son, maybe youd be interested in reading about him and his adventures. :)

michelle williamson

Michelle (daniels mom) said...

oops the blog for my sons
happens when you type too fast.

the blog address corrected for my son daniel is:


ill add it as a link to get to from this comment in my name.


Becca said...

I've only met you once, I worked at ShopKo and you came through my line with your mom. I have never forgotten it because you absolutely made my day! I also know your beautiful sisters, Gillian and Kaitlyn. They are very lucky to have you in their family! I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Peck Family said...

Happy Birthday Cute Ammon!
Peck Family

James and Cari said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!!! There's something unique about celebrating your birthday in the hospital- we hope you have a wonderful time and make it one to remember! We celebrated our son Tyler's first birthday and three days later our son Logan's fourth birthday while Logan was in the hospital recovering from surgery! They were definitely two birthday's we'll remember. I mean, how many people get to hang out in bed while wearing their jammies while bunches of people (some they know and some they don't) are wishing them happy birthday?! I don't know many people who get that kind of a celebration at home! :-) We hope your birthday is just as memorable, lots of fun, and comfortable- jammies and all. Love,
Cari and James Shields

Kay said...

Happy Birthday Ammon.
I have heard about you through Adrianne and know what a great person you are. Hope you had a great birthday. Here is sending you one more birthday wish!!

Anonymous said...

We hope you have a wonderful birthday today and we are praying for you.
Nancy Benjamin

Britny Clark said...

Hi Ammon! I don't know if you really remember me because I haven't seen you in a while, but I wanted to wish you a happy happy happy birthday! My sister Sadie is in the room right next door to yours right now. If I am able to come up and see her this week, I will have to stop by and say hi to you, too! I hope you've been enjoying your first day being fourteen! It's a great age to be. :) Love, Britny

Dan said...

You are one tough cookie! Gratulerer med dagen! (Norwegian for Happy Birthday)

Andrew said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I am a friend of Mike Richards - he told me about your b'day - hope you loved your presents and made some good memories. I looked over your blog and it was inspiring. also your music is cool.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ammon!! I hope that your day is wonderful!!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday! Ammon, I hope you had such a wonderful birthday! I love your good family. I hope you have a great year to come.
Love, Emily Clark McArthur

Kathy C said...

Ammon! My Favorite Scout!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have an awesome day! You are the toughest 14 year old I have ever met in my life dude!! We love you and your AWESOME family! Get better soon so we can see your bright smiling face at church! It isn't the same walking into the chapel and not seeing you there! We love you!
Love, Jeff, Kathy, Cayden, Whitney, Micah, Charly, and Ashton Christensen

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMMON!!!!! This is Joan from Oklahoma. I hope you are feeling better, especially since it is your birthday. I don't think I have ever seen someone get so many birthday wishes sent to them on the computer. It's awesome and so are you!

Love & Prayers, Joan Stephenson

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are doing well, we miss you so much at school, cannot wait for you to come back.
We love your pictures! your such a stud! :)
-Kari Ann & Ms. Tracy!

Lilola said...

Hope your birthday has been great! Your sister talks about you all the time; you must be very special.
Hope you are released from the hospital real soon!

Clay Laura CJ and Preston said...


This is a Happy Birthday to an extra special boy...Hope you have a wonderful birthday...we are thinking of you and pray you have a quick recovery! You're an inspiration to us all!

debbie may said...

Ammon - I am late sending my birthday greeting but when I got on your blog it said you had 114 birthday greetings! I am much older than you and I think the most birthday greetings I have ever had is about 30. I guess that means you are one very special guy and even more now that you are 14! My car was out of commission today so I couldn't bring you the birthday present I have for you - and also 2 of us have coughs so I didn't want any of those germs coming to the hospital either! Anyway - we wanted you to know we were thinking of you!

Love & Happy Birthday - The May family

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon, I seemed to have missed the deadline but since it's still your birthday I'll post something anyway.
My name is Pamela Kenrick. I was Chelsey's neighbor a loooong time ago in Provo. Back then I had the chance to meet you, I think you were about 9 years old. I have always been so impressed with you. I remember one time I went to your house (don't remember why) and you were in the basement laying on the floor watching tv . Geoffrey (who was maybe 2 at the time) kept changing the channel so whenever he would go towards the tv you would grab him from the ankles and plop him flat on the floor. It was hilarious. You are such a genius!
Anyways, I wish you a very happy birthday. Hope you had a wonderful party. Keep up the good work and remember to use that genius of yours to get through the not so fun times.
Lots of hugs.
Pamela Kenrick.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon,
I'd like to think I'm extending the happy wishes of the day.
So I hope your day was happy and your year is full of all the things you need and at least some of the things you want.
A friend,
Trish t.

Anonymous said...


This is Roland. I want to wish you (a little late)
Happy Birthday. Wow and 14 years old to boot. You are growing up.

I hear you keep all the doctors and nurses happy up at the hospital. Keep up the great work!

James and Ali Walston said...

Hey Ammon! Happy Birthday Buddy. Adrianne is one of my dear friends and she has told me all about you and what an amazing young man you are. We're big fans of yours and hope you get feeling better soon. Have a Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ammon, you don't know me or my family but we know your sister and brother in law, Mike and Adrianne. We wanted to wish you a Happy "14th" Birthday and to let you know we are thinking about you on your day.

The Hartzogs

Carol Richards said...

Greetings from Maryland,
We are late but we still want to wish you a Happy Birthday and the Very Best of years! 14 is a great year!

With Love from Steve and Carol Richards (Mike's parents)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon,

I know I'm a little late, but I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Many of us here in Oklahoma know how special you are to your sister and the rest of your family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Ammon
from Marianne Rawson a friend of your Sister.

Krista said...

Ammon, this is late, but I still want to wish you the happiest 14th year! I live in Germany and knew your parents when your dad was Bishop in Lincoln, Nebraska. I love to read the blog and think you are such an awesome guy! Keep bring joy to all our lives through your blog. Krista Karp

Zach and Nikki said...

Ammon, I know I'm very late, but I don't want to miss out on wishing you a Happy Birthday too!
I was one of Adrianne's roommates also and I remember how you love to tell jokes. You are such an example of optimism!
I hope you're recovering well and am glad to hear and see you have so many admirers!