Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Eighth Grade

Ammon is ready to catch the bus. He's not too sure about this going-to-school thing as is evident in his face here. It only took one day back and he was excited and happy to go again. The day before school, Dad took Ammon up to PCMC to see Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith did an endoscopy on Ammon's throat to see if scar tissue was beginning to grow again. Good news! It's not and he's doing fine. Before they went to the hospital for their appointment, they stopped by the Ronald McDonald House to turn in all the pop tabs Ammon's school had gathered the last two months of school. There were a lot!! You can't see them all here, but garbage bags full were donated and two 5 gallon ice cream tubs were full as well.
The staff (pictured above), gave Ammon a receipt that showed that he donated "millions" of pop tabs. Thanks to Mt. Nebo Junior High for their participation. We hope they will participate again this year.

School is under way and Ammon already has homework!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thursday's Hero Reunion

Tonight we got to attend BYU football's program for Thursday's Hero. This was a reunion for all the heroes and their families. It was almost more fun than the actual day when Ammon was honored as a Thursday's Hero because we got to mingle and visit with any player we wanted. Two players sat at each table to talk to the families. They had live music which was loud but very good, a great meal and lots of people. They were signing posters, handing out bracelets and stickers and they signed anything people handed them - shirts, hats, etc. This is Ross Apo and Jake Heaps - the country's two top draft picks for college. Jake is trying out for the spot of quarterback. They seemed to be super young men. (And they are true freshmen -- just for Katy's sake.)

We had a good visit with Coach Mendenhall. Jim asked him why the women's football clinic was cancelled. The coach said he has had so many requests and complaints about cancelling it that he is reconsidering and they may have it next year. Plan on it, women!!

Lindsey will recognize Matt Reynolds (far right) and his brother. Both boys served missions in Germany and Lindsey actually fed Matt a couple of times. He told me she can really cook! We sat at their table. Awesome, huge (!) guys.

Brandon Doman, quarterback coach. Adam knows him and they talked together for a while.

And of course this is Ammon's favorite buddy -- Robbie Buckner. Robbie's mother was one of Ammon's favorite aides at school last year. Ammon has been able to meet Robbie several times. He is truly a nice young man.
As we got ready to leave, Ammon said, "This was so fun!" It was.