Sunday, April 1, 2012


 On Saturday morning, I took Ammon over to Spring Lake to meet one of his friends from school, Lars Hancock, to go fishing.  Lars has been a substitute teacher for Ammon's special ed class for all the years Ammon has been there and they have become fast friends.  Lars had promised Ammon a fishing trip for some time. The day was sunny, very warm and extremely windy, but we had a great time anyway.  We met Lars at the picnic ground area in Spring Lake and then went to one of his friend's houses that has a private pond.  It wasn't a large pond, but it had a lot of fish in it.  Ammon was not able to lure one of these huge fish to him except once but the fish broke the line and he lost the fish.  Most of the fish he caught (maybe 7-8) were small trout.  The picture below is for Dan!  He ought to come out here and go fishing with Ammon.
 This fish was absolutely not interested in eating. He was just lying in the sun. When he swam away, he looked like a submarine with just the fins showing above the water.  He was HUGE!

Lars is helping Ammon get ready to reel in a fish.
Ammon reeling away.
Most of the fish Ammon caught were this size. Pictures don't exaggerate or lie.
Lars told Ammon that if you catch a fish you've got to kiss it. Ammon didn't like that idea too well.
I am so grateful for people like Lars that are comfortable with anyone and would spend some of his time with his little friend.  Lars' son and daughter-in-law graduated from UVU the same day Lance graduated and we saw him there after the graduation ceremony so some of the family have met Lars but they probably don't remember him.  He is one of those people that doesn't need a lot of accolades. He just did this because he likes Ammon and because, as an older teenager with diabetes, he was left out of a lot of activities. He knows what it feels like to be lonely. I think he sets out to make sure others aren't lonely. 

Thanks, Lars, for giving Ammon a happy morning.