Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ammon told me that he really wanted Epic Mickey, a Wii game. He said he knew Santa would bring it. I asked him how he knew that and he said, "I know Santa pretty well."  "Really," I said. "How do you know he's going to bring this game to you? Did you talk to him?" Ammon said, "In my head. I talked to him in my head."  When he opend his gift, Epic Mickey was there. This is his reaction.  Ya think he's excited?
He also got "Despicable Me," and some books from Lance and Nancy. He got "Captive" from the series "Guardian of Ga'Hool" and also got "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader."  He has already started reading "Captive."

Ammon had a happy Christmas. He didn't ask for a lot. He received some other movies from Jess and Jen, manly stuff in his stocking from Kaitlin, cologne from Kevin and Gillian and even some boxer shorts, which he had asked for. :) We'll see how that works out.
Oh, yeah, and he got lots and lots of Hershey candy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Best Week of My Life!

Ammon had a busy week. On the 16th of December, his school held their Christmas choir concert at Salem Hills High School.  Jim, Chris, Adam, Ella, David, Kaitlin, Gillian and Kevin were all there to applaud for him and their great choir! They did a fantastic choir and it was a fun evening. Afterward, we all stopped at Fast Gas to get our hot cup of hot chocolate and then drove around Salem pond to see the beautiful lights.
Here's Ammon waiting for the concert to start.
Ammon was especially excited for David to come home for the holidays. David flew in from Fairfax, Virginia Thursday afternoon - just in time to go to the concert. Ammon has been so excited. David's wife, Tana and their new baby went on to Washington state to attend Tana's brother's wedding. Tana and little Ansleigh will be here tonight!  Sunday, Dec. 19th. Ammon can't wait!
Sunday, Dec. 19th he also had the special privilege of attending the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert with guest artists David Archuletta (!) and Michael York, the British actor. We got special treatment from many of the people that work in the Conference Center and they let us in before anybody else got to go in. We had tickets for the Terrace, but they told us to go down on the floor - just for Ammon. We had great seats and easy access out after the concert was done. In the middle of the concert, Ammon leaned over to me (his mom) and said, "This is the BEST week of my life!" He was so excited to hear David Archuletta sing and we were very impressed with the beauty of his voice and the wonderful performance all around.

The set was magical. The day, as early as we had to get up to leave (5:45 a.m.) was magical. It was worth every tired moment.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

joke of the day

why did the brontosaurus ciimb into the active volcano
he wasn't very smart

joke of the day

which dinosour put on the bandage
the one with the dinosaur

joke of the day

what do you call a reptile who hangs out in bars
a lounge lizard

joke of the day

how do you brush a sabor-toothed tigers teeth
very carefully

joke of the day

whats louder than a dinosaur
a whole bunch of dinosaurs

joke of the day

why did the dinosaurs become extinct
because the dinosaurs wouldn't take a bath

success tip

do your very best at school and you will succeed and graduate

joke of the day

which dinosaur roamed the wild west
tyrannosaurus tex
and what did he ride
bronco saurus

joke of the day

why did the doctor go to work for  a phone compony
he wanted to be a phone operator

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

E Bay Comes to Elk Ridge

Some of you may remember that Ammon wanted to see if we could buy a Cough Assist machine from E Bay when he found out that Shriner's Hospital wouldn't let us take it home with us. We had a good laugh over that one but today, 2 years later, he got the Cough Assist machine thanks to the work of his pulmonologist, Dr. Pfeffer.  The respiratory therapist brought it over and taught me how to use it. It basically breathes in for 3 seconds and then sucks the breath out at a higher rate for another 3 seconds. Ammon's lips would go out and then would be sucked back in looking like he had the g-force of a fighter jet. When the series was over and the mask was taken off, we asked, "How was that?" He got a huge smile on his face and said, "That was gooooooddddd!"

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- he's weird!