Saturday, May 23, 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I am making this post for Ammon since he can't get the photos from his computer. At the beginning of his senior year we had no idea it would be such a spectacular experience for him -- and for us. After his Dream Week was done we thought, "Could anything be better?" And then he got the opportunity to dance during the month of March in a special fireside at the Covey Center in Provo . Again we asked that question. But everything just kept building on top of each other to cap this year off in great style. He was voted the Prom King which was pretty tender and special.  He has yet to graduate (on May 28th) but he is officially done with classes. He will graduate with High Honors with a GPA of about 3.8. Graduation pictures will be posted when that occurs.

Ammon was able to go through the open house of the Payson Temple with some neighbors and he seemed to love the building. He is also going to be participating in the cultural celebration the day before the dedication. They have practiced for several weeks to learn the songs and dances. I think it will be a pretty special opportunity for all 16,000+ youth.
Ammon was asked to MORP (last high school dance of the year) by a really nice young woman named Terese McCabe. They had a fun evening. He didn't get home until midnight. This kid is becoming a party animal!

 Last Thursday morning Jim and I were invited to come to the school to attend the Senior Assembly Awards Assembly, held at the end of the school year. Ammon was to get a special award. He did not know about it so he was really surprised when his teacher took him back stage waiting to hear why he was up there.  He got a standing ovation from the audience. This school seems to really love Ammon.
The school gives four special awards that are not connected with scholarship or money. They are awards of honor. The four awards are "Spirit, Honor, Heart and Success."  Ammon got the award for "Heart."

The principal read this as a way of introduction to Ammon's nomination by faculty and students.

"Our HEART Award winner this year is one of my favorite students I've ever known. I love to start my day off by talking with him. He puts a smile on my face that lasts the whole day. Here are some of the comments that were shared about him:
"He represents the Heart of our school because even through hardship he has pushed through to become who he is."
"He is always smiling and waving to people he knows. He continually congratulates people for their successes and is usually the first to reach out his hand to help those in need."
"He seems genuinely considerate of others."
"Through all of his challenges and hardships, he finds the best in everyone and finds the best successes in his life."
Our 2015 recipient of the HEART award has the coldest hands I know in the morning and the warmest heart in the day. He is our reigning Prom King, and my hero Ammon Clark."

 Here is Ammon with his good buddy, Kenny VanAusdel. Kenny has been on the student council and was in charge of Ammon's Dream Week. Kenny got a scholarship for about $50,000.00 to attend BYU on full ride scholarship. He's a great guy!
 Today the young men in our region met together at the Spanish Fork football field to practice for the cultural celebration. They will represent the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. I can't wait to see the production!