Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thursday's Hero Reunion, 2011 - warning -- lots of pictures!

Tonight was BYU Football Thursday's Hero reunion again. They asked that we just invited immediate family. Well, that's about 40 people so we decided to take a different family every year. Brent and Chelsey have never been able to participate in football camp, the reunions or when Ammon was honored the first time. They were able to make it down but missed quite a few of the players who had already left. Nevertheless, we had fun and we're glad they were able to join us.
These are just various photos showing players, coaches and kids.
This is a pretty good looking player -- does basketball have players this handsome? I don't think so - and never baseball!
This was the second group of players and one coach that sat with us.
Coach Tidwell - he remembered us from last year. He knew Paul Clark as a coach. While Paul was coaching, this man was the head football coach at Snow College.
The Pughs arriving - Kaitlin showing there where to come into the field.
Sarah and Geoff getting some of the players to sign their shirts.
Jim giving a pep talk to the kids to convince them they really could get Coach Mendenhall to sign their shirts.
I think Jim told Sarah he would buy her shirt if she got Coach Mendenhall to sign the shirt. She got it but she didn't sell.
This guy's name is Romney - watch for him this year.

I have no idea what they do with these footballs that are hanging on a cross bar but I thought it was interesting.
Every year I get more enamored with the program and the goodness of the leaders and coaches. The players and the coaches all seem to be excited with their new schedule and new opportunities. It will be pretty fun to be able to watch all the games this year and to see if we can identify some of the players we met this year.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ammon the Pioneer

Ammon has become quite the little pioneer trekker over the past year. This summer he has gone to Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho. He has been a trooper, with nary a complaint over the long drives. In the photo above, he is "posing" for me. We were in Pocatello, Idaho where we stopped to take care of him.
On our trip up Pass Creek Canyon, Uncle Stephen kept telling Ammon that there are bears and wolves and mountain lions up there. All of a sudden, Stephen, said, "Ammon! Look, there are some bears."  Of course, they were just silly cows. Ammon said, to me, "Mom, do you ever believe a word your brother says?" I said, "Nope, not a word."

Beautiful little pond way up at the top.
Some of Ammon's favorite people:  L to R, Peyton, Natalie, Ammon with Seth's hat on, Seth, Dax (short for Daximus) and Rylee. I wish we could have spent a whole lot more time with this great little famly.
The boy above is Stephen's partner's son who won grandchampion at the County Fair which we attended for a while.  They won first place and third place with their steers. Tayler won best of show with one of her photographs and Seth also won best of show for a gorgeous pair of cowboy boots he made.
Uncle Stephen kept teasing Ammon about dating girls -- over and over and over. Now Ammon has a hankering to go on a date. He will be 16 in a couple of months. Well..... I think he should wait until he can drive??

Ammon watching the sale show at the fair.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dr. Roth

Ammon sure does like this guy.  This is Dr. David Roth who is Ammon's dentist.  He has completely won Ammon over with his gentleness and expertise.  Today Ammon got a shot to numb his mouth and Dr. Roth pulled out a tooth that had never fallen out. Ammon said it didn't even hurt.  Ok, I need this guy to be my dentist -- but his chairs are only for little people.
We actually have a great dentist as well, Dr. Craig Christiansen. He treats our famly very well. They have even convinced me that it's ok to come in more often than once every five years. And they don't laugh at me if I come in having taken a Valium to relax me.  I need to take lessons from Ammon.