Thursday, October 6, 2011

Movie Time

Ammon asked me to put some pictures on his blog for him. He wanted a picture of him in front of Cinemark where we went last night. Jim and I (Mom) took Ammon out to the movies for his birthday. We saw "Dolphin Tales" and absolutely loved the movie!  We cheered, cried and laughed all the way through it. My favorite part about the movie is the silly penguin. He is like one of  Disney movie's sidekicks. You laugh every time he appears on the screen. We highly recommned the movie.
Here is our handsome 16 year old -- who thinks he can drive already. Granted, he has read the Utah Drivers manuel about a million times but he's still trying not to knock out walls with his wheelchair. So, I think the driving of a car will be a while away.  I think he had a great birthday. It sure was fun to go to the movies with him and spend all evening together.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bithday extraveganza

Today is my birthday i am 16 today now i will be able to drive I am so excited happy birthday to me.