Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Party Has Just Begun

The picture above is of Kylee Adamson.. Last night was really fun. We ate dinner and then we played some games like Sorry, and air hockey and Uno and a little bit of apples to apples. I even got to sing Kylee's mom You Are My Sunshine. It was sweet because her father used to sing that to her before he died so it was good to bring that memory back into her life. Yeah, I am sweet.

Kylee has been one of the peer tutors in our special ed class. She is the one that taught us the Manhawk dance. We all love her! She graduates this week and we'll miss her.

Here's the gang eating BBQ and chips.
Kylee is teaching me how to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect.
I finally got it and they all cheered. Kylee, Tommy and Tanner are with me.

This is Tanner Thorpe. We have been friends since 7th grade. We have a good time together.
This was the sweetest night ever! It was fun to hang out with good friends.