Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm a Grown Man Now!

Tonight was a fun night with Ammon. He told me he knows where we get our humor from -- the humerus bone. He really thought that was where it came from. I thought that was pretty clever.

It was time for his shower and a hair cut so we got all that done and then...... he got to shave for the first time. His face has looked like a fine little web ready to catch the dew on a summer's morn. We bought him an electric razor on Saturday. It would be pretty dangerous for him to use a regular razor. He loved it!! After he was done, we spiked his hair all fancy and then he came out to show his dad and said, "I'm a grown man now!

Brothers I guess he's trying to catch up to all of you.

Ammon wanted to get nice and "spiffy" because tomorrow morning he and I are going to be interviewed and taped at his school. They want to get everybody in the school involved in Ammon's fund-raising project of collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. We have been doing that for about two years at our house. We decided to see if his class wanted to do it and some have been sending them to us to add to the collection. The school now wants it to be a school-wide project so we get to be interviewed to tell them why we do it and they want us to tell them about the Ronald McDonald House. We are more than happy to get everybody involved. It should be fun.
Now Ammon will look very handsome - he said he wanted to look good for all the ladies (meaning even the girls at school, not just the adult women). Ah, this is getting scary!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

my Memories

These last few years had been horrible with hospital trips and doctor visits but I am well now so I would like to make a quick post. I remember when I was a little kid and when my mom would cuddle with me and the time my sisters would take me to movies. I wish that would still happen and I remember David and he taught me some Dutch. This house brings back memories and that is all I have to say goodbye.