Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beginning of Spring Break

The Beginning of Spring Break Friday was my last day of school for a week. It is now spring break. Gillian has gone to St. George. Kaitlin has been to Branson, MO. It has been quiet. I am excited for Kaitlin to get back home on Monday night. Friday night I went to the movies with Mom and Dad. We went to see Emma Smith, My Story. I liked it. Saturday we went to ShopKo and bought some stuff. I would like my friends to come


Mike and Adrianne said...

That sounds like fun to go to the movies with just mom and dad. I don't know if I ever did that. I'm sad things are so quiet at the house for you. I hope your friends get to come see you this week.

chelsey said...

Yeah, I agree with Adrianne. I can't imagine having a quiet house with just Mom and Dad. You're lucky. Maybe you'll have nice weather this week and you can get out somewhere with mom and dad. Go find an indoor pool or something. Do you still like to swim?

Jess and Jen said...

I'm excited for Kaitlin to get home too because that means you guys will come to our house to pick her up and then we will get to play Wii with you!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Ammon typed this whole blog by himself. It's great practice. He's getting pretty fast with two fingers. :) He spelled all the words correctly -- we only had to correct the capitalization of words at the beginning of the sentences.
I hope you are outside with Dad today helping him plant a little bit of a garden. I also hope that your week isn't too boring.