Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Barbeque and the New School Adventure

I had fun at the new Salem Hills High School. We got to have a tour of the school. It is very nice. After that, I saw Mrs. Gebert and meet her daughter Erika Gebert. Then the family and I went to the Salcido's house for a barbeque. I just had lots of fun even though it started to rain a little bit and landed on my hair. Any way it was a fun day. So goodbye.


Jess and Jen said...

That does sound like fun. Abby, Leah , Lauren and I were at the park yesterday and we got rained on too! I sure like reading your blog!


Mark & Keri said...

Hi Ammon! I love your blog and all your handsome pictures. I am glad that you got to see the new high school. Wasn;'t it awesome??? Go Skyhawks! Dev and I miss you already. Have a good day.
Love, Mrs. Minson

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Ammon, you forgot to write when you went to Wendy's with Gillian and reminded her to send a letter to John. I think you had fun on that day, too. Keep posting blogs. You will get better and better at typing and spelling.

Mike and Adrianne said...

What a fun day Ammon. Are you having a fun summer so far?

Jessica said...

Ammon I love your blog! I am so excited to be able to keep up on all of your adventures! Have a fabulous summer! Miss you tons!
Love, Mrs. Hiatt