Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Sunday

Silly Ella!
Adam, Amy, Henry & Ella
The two Elders that administered the sacrament for Ammon. Ammon was getting a respiratory treatment when the Deacons arrived so they had to wait. Ammon insisted on introducing every single person to the respiratory therapist. He missed a couple of names, but got most of them right.

All you guys rock!!

Ammon's first Sunday away from home was a nice one. He is feeling better each day and continues to get stronger. There is a University of Utah Stake that covers the hospital area and so each university ward takes a Sunday to serve at the hospital. They call young married couples to make the rounds every single day to patients that have recorded on their admittance information that they are LDS. They give you information, including the branch president and phone numbers to call if you need anything, including blessings.
PCMC has a conference room just around the corner from this unit where they hold church every Sunday. I have attended it numerous times during Ammon's stays. The cute couple came to his room before church started to see if we needed anything and then offered to make arrangements so Ammon could take the sacrament. They asked him if he would like that. His face got that slow, cute smile and he said, "Yes!" They also asked if he would like to have a youth lesson. Again he smiled and said, "Yes!"
Before church started, Ammon and I read two chapters in the Book of Mormon - trying to make up for the lost couple of days when he was too sick to participate. I also found a Liken the Scriptures DVD entitled "Ammon and King Lamoni" which we watched together. By the time the DVD was finished, it was time for me to go to church which lasts only one half hour. The conference room was completely packed with sick kids, parents, siblings, grandparents and hospital staff. They have the opening exercises and the sacrament and then a musical number, one talk and a closing song and closing prayer. As soon as the meeting was over I heard a little girl about 8 years old tell her parents, "I like this church!"
About an hour after church two elders from the university ward came and said the sacrament prayers and gave Ammon the bread and water and then left. I got a photo of them. Two young women from the ward came and gave him a short lesson about President Monson and then quietly left. It felt good to have the availability of the Spirit all around us.
Adam & Amy came up and brought Henry and Ella. Amy will be leaving for California for a few weeks so they wanted to come up and see how Ammon was doing. I enjoyed sharing Adam's early birthday cake and playing with the kids. Just as they were about to leave, both Deacon's Quorums from our ward showed up - every single boy but one came up with all their leaders. I was dumbfounded! Ammon was more animated with this group of boys than I've ever seen him since we arrived last week. He was so excited to see this group of boys! He loves his leaders and they seem to love him, too. Each boy gave him a card and other little things to enjoy. They talked about activities, scouts, etc. They laughed and Ammon laughed with them. I let them hold the weight attached to Ammon's head so they could see what was happening and they were amazed. They stayed for about a half hour and then, just as they were going to leave they asked if they could have a prayer with us. Garrett May offered the prayer and I was so touched by the beauty of that prayer that I couldn't hold the tears back. What a wonderful bunch of young boys they are! They gave me hugs, gave Ammon knuckles and high fives and then left. I was an emotional mess by the time they left. I have been so grateful for all the people that have come up here or called or commented on the blog to show their support. Thanks to everybody for all your love!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Thank you for putting this on so quickly. I am over at the Turners having supper. I went to the site here and am very touched by your posting. Thank you so much.

Dad Clark

Jess and Jen said...

Hey, that's a good Sunday afternoon activity for a Deacon's Quorum! Good for them.

Lance&Nance said...

They are a great group of boys. I had such a good time teaching them in primary. It's weird to think they all are priesthood holders now. They have always treated Ammon well. Glad everything is going well.

Anne and Joe said...


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Lindsey told us about your surgery and to tell you we are so impressed with your strength and resolve. We wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

We look forward to reading of your exploits while you are in hospital. You are amazing and your smile proves it! Keep up the good work!!

Anne and Joe
(Hans' mom and dad)

chelsey said...

It's nice to see such a great smile on your face! Good friends and family are worth their weight in gold! I'm glad you had a good Sunday up there at the hospital. Brent will stop by and see you tomorrow!!