Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Football

I got this football signed by the BYU football team. It's cool! Everybody wants to have it but I won't let them. Mom got some friends at work to take it to the team and they signed it for me.

You can see Max Hall's and Harvey Unga's signatures on the front of the ball.

Mom also told me that I am going to be nominated to be a "Thursday's Heroes" which means that if I am chosen, I get to go to a BYU football practice on a Thursday, get to meet the team and Cosmo and do other things. I hope I get chosen because that would be fun!


Mike and Adrianne said...

Oh my gosh! That is so cool! You will need to post pictures if it happens.

Jess and Jen said...

It was really cool to see the football yesterday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday's Heroes. I'm sure you'd have lots of fun going to one of their practices!


Jason said...

I hope you get chosen. That would be cool.

I am glad you are home. Be good.

debbie may said...

What an awesome football you've got, Ammon. I'm mad at your mom becuz she didn't tell me when you were coming home! :) j/k

What movies have you not watched and I'll see if we have any of them that you would like to borrow.

Sister May

Team Clark said...

Wow, Ammon -that is SO COOL! Hooray for you. What a great ball and even if you don't get technically chosen to be a Thursday's hero, you're still a hero to us!

ty and ash said...

Hey Ammon - that's such a cool football! We love BYU football! So I looked up Michael Buble and he rocks!! I have heard the song "Everything" and its my new favorite! Too bad he's number 3 on the popularity list, cause Ammon is number 2!! See ya soon bud..

Jeni said...

That is AMAZING, Ammon! I better not show this post to my son Casey or he will freak! He is a HUGE BYU football fan! Congrats!