Friday, September 5, 2008

Recovering Nicely

Ammon is now settled in his room at Shriner's -- the same room he spent many weeks in already this summer. He was alone in his room last night and this morning so I went up there to hang out with him. I got there at 8:30am and he was already awake and engrossed in his Disney cartoons. I came bearing gifts -- an Etch-a-Sketch. He seemed excited to try something new that he'd never seen before. I had to explain to him that what he was looking at was what I called a computer back in the old days. Oh, how times have changed.

He was doing very well. His wounds from where the pins entered his skull (for halo attachment) are healing nicely. His voice is coming back, although he admits it's pretty raspy like a smoker. He got fitted for a brace mold today to be a temporary support for his torso for a brief time (Mom, fill in details if you need). These three guys came in and Ammon asked, "Are you guys the The Niceketeers?" They all laughed. Then Ammon said, "No, seriously?" They were friendly guys and had that mold in place in no time and no pain for Ammon.
Right before I left at noon, the physical therapy folks came in with a wheelchair to have him sit in for a few hours. His body needs to get used to the rods now, but it'll take a little time. Ammon was excited to get out of bed. He was most excited, though, when Mom showed up this morning after her one-night break from the hospital. They're shooting for Sept. 12th to take him home, +/- a day or so.

It's going to be quite the birthday party in Elk Ridge in October, right, Ammon?!


Mike and Adrianne said...

Lookin good Ammon. It is hard to believe you just had surgery you look so happy and good.

ty and ash said...

Hi Ammon, you're lookin great! Its so nice to see you smiling again! You sure look like your getting strong. I'm so glad you're feeling better.. We've been praying for you a lot and hope you feel a little better each day! I sure hope the nurses are being extra sweet to you! A big thanks to your awesome family for keeping us updated on your journey!! - Love, Ashlee

grams said...

Hey Ammon, keep smiling. I love your smile. It's good that you are feeling so well it looks as if you have straightened out a lot. thanks for the pictues. See you soon, Verl and Judy Flack
Chis & Jim, you are strong, loving, wonderful parents and friends.
Love, Judy