Friday, October 17, 2008

I rattle a lot

Today I went to the doctors and the doctors said I have croup. Mom said I sound like Darth Vader cause my voice is rattly but she's wrong . I kinda feel sick. I hope everybody comes to the weddding especially dad bye


Lokodi said...

I'm sorry to hear you're sick. That's no fun. Take good care of yourself and try not to have too much fun at the wedding. I love you buddy.


Jess and Jen said...

Ammon's going to be the star of the party, you know it. He's going to be in his power chair and will be spinning in circles, leading the line dances, etc.

We'll be at the wedding and hope to hang out with ya buddy. Jester

Team Clark said...

That's too bad that you're sick, but how fun to sound like Darth Vador! Pretty cool, Ammon!