Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sleep Study Results

The sleep study showed what they suspected: Ammon definitely has sleep apena - either caused by anatomical structure of his spine, brain (Arnold Chiari area), or still being caused by inflammation of the throat. He sounds great now. No more gurgles unless he sleeps on his left side. He doesn't sleep as well on that side.
The MRI was scheduled for 11 a.m. this morning but that was cancelled because Ammon de-sats so much when he is asleep that they thought if they sedated him he would be in the same trouble he was when he first came in. The doctors talked to the neurosurgeons and they said it would be extremely rare to need to decompress the Arnold Chirai again. For now, we will work with a c-pap machine and see how that goes.
I asked the doctors about the granulation and whether or not it could become inflammed again. She said it could and if it did, we would have to come back up here. The only other option they have would be to cut the granulation out but that is scar tissue and it would probably come back. They do not want to intubate or put anything else down his throat right now. Hopefully the granulation will stay at bay and cause no more trouble. They will not be sending any more steroid medication home with us.
Now we wait for the sleep study experts who won't be in until Monday. They are going to try to find a mask that will fit Ammon and start the c-pap tonight but it has to be monitored carefully. He will have to stay in the ICU for this procedure. If all goes well and Ammon tolerates the mask, then we hope to be home by Monday.
Ammon has been such a trooper for so long but he is really struggling with this stay. All he can talk about is going home. Last night as they were putting the probes all around his head (same as when having an EEG), he was crying his little heart out and said, "Where is Kaitlin when I need her?" He had a very tough time last night until they had him all done and then he fell to sleep almost instantly. He is a lot more emotional this time and wants to be home so badly!


Jess and Jen said...

I can only imagine how the dude must be feeling. Sorry we can't be there to visit him and whoever is at the hospital with him. Good luck! -Jess

Mike and Adrianne said...

I got a little teary-eyed when I read the part about Kaitlin. I want you to go home Ammon so you can be with your best friends--your sisters and mom and dad. We love you.

Lokodi said...

Hang in there buddy. I don't blame you for wanting kaitlin. She's pretty cool huh? You're such a trooper ammon. Such remember that we all love you and we're routing for you to come home soon. We're all praying for you.

I love you man!

chelsey said...

Hang in there Ammon! You'll be home soon. I'll bet Kaitlin needs you as much as you need her. You guys are good buddies huh! We'll keep you in our prayers. Love you!