Monday, January 19, 2009

Handsome Dude

I clean up pretty good -- Here I was ready to go to church. Now I can't wear a tie because we can't button the shirt up over the trach. Today Gillian cut my hair and mom helped me with a shower. She didn't even drown me!

Joke of the day:
How do garbagemen break up with their girlfriends?
They just dump 'em.


Mike and Adrianne said...

I love your jokes, Ammon. I also think you look very dapper in your church clothes. Very handsome.

Lance&Nance said...

Ammon, you are such a stud! That was a funny joke. I still think you look blingin' in your sunday attire. Hope you're feeling well buddy. See you soon!

Michelle said...

That's a funny joke. I'm going to use that in my aerobics class tomorrow and let them know my brother in law told it first. You look very handsome.

Anonymous said...

AMMON - You are the man! How would the sacrament been passed to all those people on Sunday if you wouldn't have been there to help on Sunday? good thing you were - they really needed you.

BTW - I have lots of boys at my house who wish they were in your shoes as far as wearing a tie goes. So you can count your blessings about that because they think ties are for torturing boys at church! Keep smiling! LOVE - Sister May (Scotter Potter's mom) :)