Monday, February 9, 2009


Everybody has a hero - we have a lot of them. It dawned on us today that we have never included a photo of Dr. Valdez and his staff who are definitely on the top of our "hero" list.
Judy Humphries - she's been a friend for 13 years.

Sharon (Wride - her dad, Marion Wride served in the MTC while one of our boys was there)grew up in Benjamin and we've known her since she was a little kid. She knows all the Teicherts and even used to have a crush on my cousin.

And here is the hero of all heroes - Dr. Orlando Valdez. We met him when Ammon was just 2 months old. He has literally saved Ammon's life multiple times and these two guys get along really well. Thank you would never be enough to say to Dr. Valdez. He has been the doctor for our last six children and has been phenomenal. We aren't thinking about what will happen to Ammon when he has to leave this clinic - actually, we're hoping they will allow him to go there forever.
Thank you a million times over! What would we do without you?!


Jess and Jen said...

I just can't believe you've lived anywhere long enough that you've had one doctor for the last 6 kids. What happened to the nomadic gypsies I grew up with?

The Duke said...

We got smart - and poorer and poorer with each move so we finally settled down!
Actually, this doctor is one reason I don't want to move to SLC or away from here - it would be very difficult to start with Ammon and a new one. He knows Ammon as well as we do and it's really important to have somebody on board that is this involved.