Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Great Fieldtrip!

Today we went on an exquisite fieldtrip! We were able to go through the new, unfinished Oquirrah Mt. Temple with Ammon's uncle Eric Jensen. He is the husband of Elisabether (mom's sister). He has been doing some special painting in the temple. He does special painting with stenciling and gold leafing on the ceilings and some panels in the temple. His work is really magnificent (Ammon used that word himself). We were all so impressed and so pleased to have this wonderful opportunity. Here is Eric with Ammon just before we started the tour.
Eric, Ammon, Jim and Kaitlin. We would have liked to take everybody with us, but Eric had to kind of sneak us in with the help of one of the superindendents of the job who ran the elevator for us.

Angel Moroni

The front east side of the temple.

Looking at the temple from the south entrance.

There was such beauty in the building. Marble walls surrounded the baptismal font. The chandeliers were really big and beautiful. The windows were unbelieveably beautiful . There are murals on the walls in two rooms and when we went into one of them, the sun was streaming into the room. Ammon gasped and said, "Am I in Heaven of what?!" We all felt like that.
Thank you, Eric for taking us through. It was a beautiful day for all of us.

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