Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wow! What an outpouring of love and care came Ammon's way on his birthday! Thank you to everybody that participated. Ammon has read all the comments but once he is up and able to get to his own computer, he will read and re-read these comments. It will be a highlight of his day every time he reads them. We would have him do his own posts, but it's kind of difficult right now because he has to be lying down due to the EVD in his head most of the time.

Our entire family was deeply touched by this experience! I will post a few pictures tonight of the happenings of his birthday. We were few in number at the party (one family in the hospital having a new baby and two others keeping their little ones home either due to colds or the fear of colds, which is smart), but we had a good time anyway. Ammon received a lot of nice gifts but I think he liked the visits as much as anything. He loves people and loves visits and phone calls.

It was great to be able to serve cake to all the nurses on the floor and to other doctors and visitors that came along. It was a very nice celebration.

Ammon became a new uncle for the 21st time last night in the middle of the party. His new niece is named Grace Carol Clark. They will be able to celebrate their birthdays together forever. It was a great way to end a great day.

Thanks again, everyone! You made our day.


ThirdSister said...

I hope you had plenty of Hershey's for all of us... that is totally my favorite candy ever!

I forgot to tell you I love your music selection, and my son Ammon is now listening and said he loves it too!

So glad you had a good birthday; what a present - to have a niece share your birthday!

Sherry Lawson... of Ohio

debbie may said...

Ammon - You are the best Uncle any niece could ever ask for! Is she as beautiful as you are handsome?

Hang in there - I will be coming to visit one of these days and you'll be shocked!

Love, Sister May

Jess and Jason said...

I am Mike's sister Jess (as in Mike and Adrianne!). I didn't get a chance to wish Ammon a Happy Birthday, but wanted to let him know that I will be keeping him in my prayers. He is an inspiration to all of us.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Dear Ammon,

I do not know you or your family but, I hope your birthday was a great celebration of your life, and the beauty of that life that you bring, to all those around you.

I celebrate my birthday every year by taking vacations and celebrating with family and friends over dinner. Some people don't celebrate their birthday, and I think that is sad, because what is there truly to celebrate in life, if you aren't even joyous of another year of your own life.
I know that your life has been full of medical procedures in the past year, but remember all the smiling faces, kisses, hugs, and gifts that those who love you have given you, and know that those are the precious memories that we should celebrate on our birthdays, another beautiful year of your LIFE!

I pray for you, and hope for you to have a quick recovery.

Good Luck in all of your adventures,

Diana Gibson

Ron said...

Hi Ammon. I'm your new support coordinator, and i have been reading your blog. Your life and family are amazing. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Best of luck with your surgey. See ya soon big guy.,

Ron said...

PS, happy birthday!