Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Eighth Grade

Ammon is ready to catch the bus. He's not too sure about this going-to-school thing as is evident in his face here. It only took one day back and he was excited and happy to go again. The day before school, Dad took Ammon up to PCMC to see Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith did an endoscopy on Ammon's throat to see if scar tissue was beginning to grow again. Good news! It's not and he's doing fine. Before they went to the hospital for their appointment, they stopped by the Ronald McDonald House to turn in all the pop tabs Ammon's school had gathered the last two months of school. There were a lot!! You can't see them all here, but garbage bags full were donated and two 5 gallon ice cream tubs were full as well.
The staff (pictured above), gave Ammon a receipt that showed that he donated "millions" of pop tabs. Thanks to Mt. Nebo Junior High for their participation. We hope they will participate again this year.

School is under way and Ammon already has homework!


Dave and Tana said...

That sure is a lot of pop tabs..or as I would say soda tops. Way to go Ammon!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Ammon, you are the man! Cant wait to babysit you next week!

chelsey said...

That's so cool! I'm glad you're happy to be back in school and loving it again.

And that's a serious amount of tabs! Way to go! You should get all the local schools to do that!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ammon, Will's school is doing the same thing! I was sure to tell him all about it and that you were also doing it.

Michelle said...

I've never seen so many pop tabs. So cool that you were able to collect that many. AWESOME! We are collecting some too for you. We should get a lot since we pick up cans after the Hawkeye football games. I'm glad you are liking school and I hope it continues to be fun for you.

Papa Doc said...

Ammon is a great bud. We had a great day in Salt Lake City. He is going to be a great stuent this year. It is hard to believe that the little baby pictured on his wall is now in eight grade!

Dad Clark