Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choir Concert

Ammon was in his first choir concert. His teacher is Rachel McCune (from Omaha, Nebraska). The concert was held at Salem Hills High School because I think they needed that much space. There were hundreds of kids in this concert. There are two chorus 1 classes, a concert choir and a group of chamber singers. I was amazed at the skill of this teacher. She has the hardest age for the early teen voices. Boys are uncertain about singing at all because they can't control the squeaking, etc. She had them sing songs that they knew and liked and you could tell all the kids adored her -- how do I know that? By the way they performed. They were professional in their demeanor. They didn't miss a single clue or beat. I only hear two bad notes the whole night. It was really fun to hear this group of kids and to know that Ammon has the opportunity to work with one of the best choir teachers we've met in Utah. (Including Lunt and Bills.)
For some reason the photos won't upload today. I'll try later.


grams said...

Hi Ammon, I'm so glad you got to sing in the choir. Wish I could be there to see and hear you. Hope your school year is going great. Take care of your sick mom. Judy

Mike and Adrianne said...

Cool! Wish I could have heard it. Love you, Ammon.