Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Best Week of My Life!

Ammon had a busy week. On the 16th of December, his school held their Christmas choir concert at Salem Hills High School.  Jim, Chris, Adam, Ella, David, Kaitlin, Gillian and Kevin were all there to applaud for him and their great choir! They did a fantastic choir and it was a fun evening. Afterward, we all stopped at Fast Gas to get our hot cup of hot chocolate and then drove around Salem pond to see the beautiful lights.
Here's Ammon waiting for the concert to start.
Ammon was especially excited for David to come home for the holidays. David flew in from Fairfax, Virginia Thursday afternoon - just in time to go to the concert. Ammon has been so excited. David's wife, Tana and their new baby went on to Washington state to attend Tana's brother's wedding. Tana and little Ansleigh will be here tonight!  Sunday, Dec. 19th. Ammon can't wait!
Sunday, Dec. 19th he also had the special privilege of attending the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert with guest artists David Archuletta (!) and Michael York, the British actor. We got special treatment from many of the people that work in the Conference Center and they let us in before anybody else got to go in. We had tickets for the Terrace, but they told us to go down on the floor - just for Ammon. We had great seats and easy access out after the concert was done. In the middle of the concert, Ammon leaned over to me (his mom) and said, "This is the BEST week of my life!" He was so excited to hear David Archuletta sing and we were very impressed with the beauty of his voice and the wonderful performance all around.

The set was magical. The day, as early as we had to get up to leave (5:45 a.m.) was magical. It was worth every tired moment.


chelsey said...

So glad you had such an awesome time! I bet the concert was amazing! Sarah was very jealous when I told her you got to see David Archuletta.

Hug that darling Ansleigh for us. She's a cutie, and I'm glad you're finally meeting her. She needs to meet you, too.

AZ said...

David Archuleta is amazing. You were so lucky to be there!

marcie said...

Yay for you Ammon. It looked like such a special place to be. I am glad you love music so much and that it brings you such joy. You are like that too, you bring joy to all those around you. Have a very Merry Christmas sweetie

Keri said...

I'm so happy you got to do that Ammon! Lucky You! I miss you so much.Love you.

Mike and Adrianne said...

What a fun and cool experience. I am so grateful that you got to go. Love you!