Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dr. Roth

Ammon sure does like this guy.  This is Dr. David Roth who is Ammon's dentist.  He has completely won Ammon over with his gentleness and expertise.  Today Ammon got a shot to numb his mouth and Dr. Roth pulled out a tooth that had never fallen out. Ammon said it didn't even hurt.  Ok, I need this guy to be my dentist -- but his chairs are only for little people.
We actually have a great dentist as well, Dr. Craig Christiansen. He treats our famly very well. They have even convinced me that it's ok to come in more often than once every five years. And they don't laugh at me if I come in having taken a Valium to relax me.  I need to take lessons from Ammon.


Jess and Jen said...

Ammon, I am so glad that it didn't hurt! Did you know that I like to go to the dentist? So do Leah and Lauren. I love have nice clean teeth! -Jen

Papa Doc said...

Dr. Dave is the best! He is from Iowa, so how could he be otherwise?

Dad Clark