Friday, May 11, 2012

Special Night

Tonight was a special night for Ammon. It was Mt. Nebo Jr. High School's Fine Arts Award Night. Kind of like the Oscar party and just about as long.  They served a fantastic dinner first (salad, chicken cordon bleu, baked potato, vegetables, rolls and cheesecake). They also had a raffle. Every person that attended had a ticket inside the bottle and throughout the evening, the teachers passed out different kinds of raffle items.

These pictures are fuzzy but we're too tired to care tonight. First photo:  the band director, Mr. Werner, choir director Ms. McCune, and Mr. White, the drama teacher.  They passed out awards for their classes. Some of the awards were given because of the votes of students and some were chosen by the teachers.

 Kevin's parents were there supporting Dallin McCarthy so we sat by all of them.
 Ammon was awarded the Most Improved student in Ms. McCune's choir 1 class.  She based her decision upon where the student was when they first started to where they are today.  It is a very nice award and Ammon was thrilled to go up front and receive it.

Ms. McCune doesn't really have red eyes - maybe one day I'll fix it. Here she is with Ammon after the evening was coming to a close. She is moving over to Salem Hills Jr. High School next year. She will be married this summer, much to the dismay of lots and lots of boys.  Laura Turner (from our ward) has been hired to take Ms. McCune's place and she'll do a great job as well.

 Ammon also got a couple of things in the raffle -- a "Glee" shirt from their glee club and some kind of Bobble Bud from a game company.
I am always deeply touched when people notice Ammon's efforts. He used to sit on stage and look like Stevie Wonder, moving his head around and around as the music washed over him. He loved being up there but wasn't very good at keeping up with the choir. A lot of times it looked like he didn't even sing. This year is totally different. He has auditioned without our knowledge and even encouragement. He does all the hand actions perfectly and most importantly, he sings!  He has loved this teacher and this experience. I'm so happy for this kid!! Thank you, Ms. McCune. Best of luck in your new ventures. This school is going to sorely miss you as will Ammon.


Gillian Mohlman said...

yay ammon!!! you are my hero! good job! :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your awesome award. I'm glad they took the time to engrave it also, that to me says they thought about this award in advance. Great job AMMON! Keep Singing!