Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bowling/Happy Birthday David I Love You

We went bowling my score was 92 and Jason's was 81 I basically beat him. That's kind of okay cause I like to tease him and he is a good actor so he is okay with this and then we came home we downloaded a sample of a game called typershark you ought to be impressed and proud of me mom cause I am doing this. So now were just writing this to let you see my typershark score bye. and by the way if your about to read what I am going to put on happy birthday Dave I love you and all of the brothers out there, tot ziens.


Nancy said...

I love bowling, that's cool you got to go and won!

The Duke said...

I'm glad I didn't try to bowl against you. I would have lost! I'm glad you are having a good summer.
Love you and miss you each day.