Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This one is for you Dad.  today I watched West Side Story with Jason. there is a song in that movie titled Play It Cool Boy and also Officer Crumpkie I liked those two songs cause of the beat of it and because it is so dancy. I thought the choreography was outstanding.  I loved the movie, and  I loved the director Robert Wise. He has done the Sound of Music  just for that he is phenomenal. I recommend it also, go watch it. We started reading Thunder Dog, it is moving and so powerful. I first got interested  after Mom's knee replacement surgery and Mom came home from the hospital and  Sister Turner brought the book over for us to read while Mom was recovering. It's the story of Michael Hingson blind from birth as his dog Roselle helps him escape the 9/11 twin tower attack through faith I highly recommend it. It  lifts me up.


The Duke said...

You are a "cool boy." I'm glad you are having a good time this summer. Love you.

chelsey said...

Sounds like a great book to read. I bet Sarah would love that one too. I'll have to look it up for her. And it sure seems like you're having a lot of fun lately!