Thursday, June 28, 2012

Groovy Movie

Today watched The Emperor's New Groove it was funny. I liked the part where the old guy gets thrown out the window for throwing off the emperors groove and the part where Pacha attempts to give him the kiss of life after the waterfall. The songs in there are great  one song I like in their its my favorite song it is called My funny friend and me by Sting I love that song and the CGI is amazingly fantastic and the voices are phenomenal I have always liked John Goodman. That is why I like and have always liked disney movies.


The Duke said...

How did you know how to spell phenomenal? Did Jason tell you or did you just know it? What in the world is CGI?

Jason said...

Hey, bud. Have you seen John Carter of Mars, yet? I know it didn't have much success but I read all the John Carter books when I was in junior high and loved them. I'm hoping the movie is somewhat similar to the original story.