Monday, July 8, 2013

Music Makes Him Happy

Music makes Ammon happy. It can get him through the roughest of days. Last Saturday Hal Shelly and his daughters Katie and Melissa came up to visit. Hal brought his guitar with him and he and Katie entertained Ammon with several numbers. Ammon was so excited when he recognized the songs. He sang along with those he knew. Hal said, "Well, if my home teacher can't come and visit me, I guess I'll just have to come and visit him." That visit made Ammon very happy.

Later in the evening Bishop Merrill and his son, Christian (Ammon's age) came up to visit and Christian also brought his guitar with him and sang some songs for Ammon. It was very touching for me to watch the interaction between Ammon and Christian. I took some videos but I can't get them to download with any sound so I'm leaving them off.

Jess and Jen gave Ammon their Ipod and that made Ammon happy beyond belief! He thinks it's his birthday every day now. Adrianne sent a beautiful CD for Ammon to listen to (Mindy Gledhill). I haven't heard it yet but Jim said it is really beautiful. The girls sang for Ammon the day after he got into the hospital (By Heart). I truly believe it was music that jump started his spirits.

Ammon is in a difficult situation. He is not sick. He is generally in good spirits. But it doesn't appear that the hole is healing any time soon. He will stay where he is until Friday when they will re-assess the situation. Surgery isn't a good option but they may have no choice except to chose that route. Having him live with that huge tube down his throat can't be a long-term solution. In short, the doctors don't know what to do and neither do we.  I had no idea we would run into such a difficult problem. I think this will be life-changing for him but I'm not sure just what those changes will be.

He needs your prayers. I need your prayers. Today is very overwhelming for me, personally.

Ammon is the one cheering me up tonight.

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Jess Clark said...

Music does wonders for my spirits, too. Glad he's enjoying the tunes.