Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Few Photos

Shriner's is in the background with a blue dome roof. About 3 minutes from PCMC.
David's friends, Kirt, Cameron and Brandon.

Jess & family came to visit.

Ammon has had a good day for the most part. They did not take the chest tube out but "sealed" it so it wouldn't drain. They will x-ray tomorrow to see how his lungs look. They have not had to suction him at all today, but he is beginning to rattle again so they will do it once tonight. I hate to see them do it because he cries and hates it. That is the only thing they have done to him that has caused him to cry. I hate it, too. Those lungs have to be cleared out, though.
For some reason, this afternoon the nurse decided to give him some pain medication. He has a little button that he can push if he hurts but he doesn't ever push it. They watch his blood pressure and if it begins to rise, they will push the button for him. I don't know how much the nurse gave him, but it knocked him out. I absolutely could not wake him up. It scared me half to death. I found out they switched it to Oxycontin (sp?). I was upset and asked them not to give that dose to him again. He hadn't asked for it but was really fighting the nap. That appears to be the only reason she gave it to him.

Ammon seems to do a lot better in the mornings than late afternoon. He is now asking for pain medication and wants to take the weight off.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Well, I'm not sure that Ammon is having a great time but it looks like everyone else was.

Jennifer said...

So glad the families could come visit. It must be hard as a parent to stand by and watch your child recover from such a difficult, long surgery. Our prayers are with you and him. Luv to all, Jeni Scott (formerly Potter)

Ammon said...

Thanks, Jeni, for your comments and care about Ammon and our family. I was so surprised to see your comments - but touched as well.
I surely appreciate all the good friends we have made across the country. It is terribly hard to watch him suffer - but it helps put my own complaints in perspective. Ammon takes all this without much complaint and remains sweet and kind.

chelsey said...

I'm sure glad I got to talk to you yesterday on the phone! You were still pretty out of it all, so you might not even remember I called! ;) Glad you're out of ICU and getting a little better. I don't blame you about hating the weight thing! I don't think I'd like it either!