Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ammon was moved out of ICU last night at 9:45 p.m. We had already left the hospital because they said there was not an empty room on the regular surgical floor. We didn't expect him to move until today.
He is doing GREAT! He is happy and looks really good. They have to take an x-ray today to take a look at his chest. If it all looks good, they will remove the chest tube which will be a big step. They removed one of three IVs. The others won't be removed probably until he moves to Shriner's. That move is scheduled for Monday morning.
He is tolerating the weight very well now. He is busy making friends with all the nurses and cleaning ladies. He has also begun to tell me that he loves me (every few minutes). Ammon is back!!
Ammon's room # is 3063 and the phone # in his room is 801-662-3063. I will be staying with him until Monday evening and will then go home for a break and to do laundry and change clothes. Jim will take my place for a couple of days then.


Jess and Jen said...

Awesome. That's good to hear that he's doing so well.

Is he showing off his manly chest to the ladies? Is that how he's hitting on them all? -Jess

Lokodi said...

That is wonderful news!!! I remember after I had babies, the nurse wouldn't remove my IV from my wrist until after I went to the bathroom, which took FOREVER!! I was super annoyed about it, so I can't even imagine what it must feel like for you Ammon to have more than one! I hate IVs. Don't you? You are such a trooper. You're the toughest guy in town! I love you


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Yup - he calls them all "lovely ladies." He can melt any woman that comes within 10 feet of him. He gets those nurses wrapped around his finger pretty quickly.
At 11:30 last night when I called to see if he was ok and where they took him, the nurse said, "You have one sweet little man there!"
He thinks it's kind of embarrassing to show his manly chest but there's no option.

Kelly said...

Hey Bud,
That is so great to hear, Whats this I here about you flirting with all the nurses& cleaning ladies?
I'm sure they can't help since you are so handsome and such a sweet talker.
I'd love to call and talk to you but I will wait till later, (Chris let me know when would be a good time)
Well you keep up the good job of getting better and I will see you soon.
My little Kumquat!
Mrs Montague