Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our family was invited to have FHE with the Minson family. Keri is Ammon's aide (Mom is writing this because she didn't put the photos on the right computer). They invited the Bradley's, too. Mr. & Mrs. Bradley were both teachers of Ammon's (1st grade and 3rd grade). Two of their kids came and all of the Minson kids were there. The food was great! Ammon, of course, didn't eat any but Jim was in 7th heaven as he ate BBQ shrimp. We played some fun games.

We are putting some photos on so we will never forget what great people these all are. They wanted to have a party with our family before Ammon is laid up for a while so here are a few photos of the fun party we had last night.

Left to right: Steffi Minson, Lizzie Bradley, Gillian and Kaitlin.

Left to right: Dev and Alex Minson and Tannon Bradley.

Mrs. Bradley (1st grade teacher) Mr. Bradley (3rd grade teacher)

Mr. Minson - we got a video of Mrs. Minson but I have to learn how to put it on because it wouldn't work.


chelsey said...

What a great night to have! Especially after such a long day at the hospitals! I'm glad there are great people looking out for you there! We wish we could've been there!

Katy Bug! said...

This was the day before that Chelsey. We had family night with them Monday, then yesterday they went to the hospital. We had so much fun though!