Monday, July 7, 2008

My Fourth Of July

First, Mom, Dad, Kaitlin, Gillian, and I went to Wall-e. It was great. And then we went to Adam and Amy's house to eat. And then we went to the Bean Museaum to see fireworks. They were big, loud, and colorful. It was fantastic.


Mark & Keri said...

I am happy you had a fun Fouth of July! I hear you were even brave through the loud noises! Way to go, my friend!
Love you, Mrs. Minson
p.s. Check our blog to see what we did on the holiday. See if you like Dev's "beard". (I think you will think it is pretty hilarious!)

Anonymous said...

Ammon! You are such a handsome boy! I love coimng to your house because you always make me smile! Good luck with all of your surgeries, I will be thinking of you!


Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm so glad you had a great 4th! We miss you1

Kelly said...

Hey Ammon!

It's Mrs. Montague I finally got a blog sight so that I could leave blogs for you to read.
I have some pictues I will post soon. Actually as soon as I learn how. I also have some of my Bright & Shiney Star(Hmm I wonder who that could be?) I hope all goes well with your surgery, I'm keeping you in my prayers.
I'll watch for your moms updates,
hope your summer is going great.
Love & miss you, Mrs. Montague