Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look Ma, No Tubes!

When I went up to Shriner's last night, I was amazed to see that Ammon was off oxygen and his last IV had been removed. He looks GREAT! It was also obvious that he wasn't spaced-out due to narcotics. He rarely asked for pain medication, but the nurses at PCMC were determined to keep him fairly sedated so they kept giving it to him even though he insisted he didn't hurt. He was vibrant (for Ammon) and very, very happy last night.

Brent Pugh (Chelsey's husband) came to town for some meetings so we decided to gather at Shriner's and spend what little time we could with him. It wasn't very long, but it was so great to see him. Ammon was delighted to greet Brent. Brad Pugh, Brent's brother and his wife and two sons also came with Brent. It felt like a family reunion - and it was of sorts.

We got up there quite early to avoid the nasty commute crush, so Adam and Gillian played some pool and Kaitlin and I attempted to play a game of our own. Shriner's has a huge domed play area and it's lots of fun for family when they come to visit. There's badmiton, vollyball and basketball besides arts and crafts that occur several times a day. It was great to be able to take Ammon out there in his bed. He was fascinated with the echoes and kept trying to make echoes. If I can get Jess to help me load the two videos we took of Ammon, I'll get those set up. He sang a song from "Camp Rock" for us - clear as a bell.
What a great night and great relief to see this kid so clear-headed and happy - and tube free.
Gillian & Adam playing pool

Ammon waving to the camera. (He's probably saying inside his head, get out of my face!)

Brent checking in.

This one if for you, Geoffrey - your dad riding up a very cool elevator!

Gillian's new boyfriend.

Kaitlin doesn't look so certain that this is the "guy for her."


Jess and Jen said...

Ammo, you're not shirtless anymore! I'm glad you're not connected to tubes anymore. That sure looks like a fun place to hang out.

My girls have the sniffles. We hope they get better soon, because they are anxious to come visit you again! They were sad they didn't get to come last night!

We love you!

Jen, Abby, Leah and Lauren!

chelsey said...

Ammon, thanks for visiting with Brent! He said you looked great and happy. I'm so glad!! Shriners looks like a cool place! Monsters Inc is one of my favorite kids movies. Brent has a package to drop off to you a little later too!

Jason said...

The nurses made you put a shirt on I see. They just couldn't handle your manliness, could they. You look good, bud. Caleb, Dan, Jared, Brenden, Alyssa, and Scott say hello and that they hope you get well soon.