Monday, July 21, 2008

Surgery is Here!

Dr. VanGinkle, anesthiologist - This is far as we could go. The nurse that distracted Ammon.

Dr. VanGinkel & Dr. Eric Scaiff (general surgeon)

A tired Dad and Mom - This is the "holding" are waiting to go into the operating room.

On Sunday the boys came up about 5:00 p.m. to give Ammon, me (Mom) and Dad a blessing. Many of us fasted on Sunday, some are going to fast today. We appreciated their participation so very much. It was a very emotional and spiritual experience for everyone. I felt very lucky as a mother to have so many wonderful, worthy priesthood holders give us blessings.

Ammon had a very rough time about half-way through the blessing, sobbing his eyes out. That didn't help the rest of us, either! I think his emotions were mixed with feeling the spirit and his fear. While the boys were giving Dad a blessing, Ammon buried his head on my shoulder and whispered, "I'm so scared." He had a few moments of fear today, but this was the first time he went off without us without crying. A cute nurse got his attention and he was fine.

We received the first report about an hour ago - he is doing well so far. This is supposed to be about a five hour surgery. We're about half way through. They are going down through the ribs and go as far down as they can to take out discs and fuse them from the front. Then they will attach the halo. A chest tube will be inserted to drain for at least two days so it looks like we'll be here at least two or three days.

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Jillywilly said...

Man this last picture here just makes me want to cry. He looks so scared. I'm glad he has such great Doctors to get him doing well again!