Saturday, July 19, 2008

What A Great Gift!!

Today my friend John invited me to come play with him for a little while. Just as I was ready to leave, his mom gave me a gift. It was an orange quilt! Lots of people helped make the quilt by coloring squares. I love it! Thank you to everybody! Lance and Nancy made the square that says Boys Rule and Girls Drool, while Mom not knowing made the one about how Girls Rule and Boys Drool! They didn't know that the other one was making it.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Cool blanket Ammon! Look at all the people that love you.

chelsey said...

Wish we could've helped! I love it! -- and don't forget that everytime you snuggle with it, all those people (and more!) are loving you back!

Mark & Keri said...

Love the quilt!
Lisa, you are an amazing person. Thanks for letting us take part!
Love, Keri