Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slow Progress

Ammon is making slow progress. His face is still quite swollen, but it is slowly getting back to its normal size. His lungs are really struggling, however. A doctor told us today that Ammon essentially has one lung because the left one has been crunched in a small space for so long that at this point it isn't very effective and it is much smaller than the right lung. We were really hoping that he would have less trouble with his lungs with this surgery, but the nurse and respiratory therapist have to keep suctioning junk out of the lungs. He is pretty full and they are worried about pneumonia.
Ammon has stopped fighting the suctioning and is quite calm when they do it even though he really hates to have it done. We are realists at this point and know that the breathing tube isn't coming out any time soon. We will continue to hope and pray that it comes out by tomorrow, but we really don't know when he will turn the necessary corner to be free of the tubing.
I will post photos once his face is back to its normal size.


Mike and Adrianne said...

We will pray that the tube comes out tonight. We love you.

chelsey said...

Hang in there -- all of you! I assume the small lung is a result of the twisted ribcage and scoliosis he's been fighting for that past years? Will it ever get bigger or better?

ty and ash said...

Hi Clarks.. This is Ashlee, Dr. Valdez's nurse. I'm so happy I found Ammon's blog.. We've got pictures posted of him at the Clinic and we love and miss him very much. We can't wait till we can see his cute face again! He really brightens up the day! I'm so sorry that he is not feeling well right now and know that he is in my prayers. Please tell him hi and that we are praying for a speedy recovery!!

Lokodi said...

I love you amster. I'm praying for you. Hope all goes well in the next couple days.

P.S. Hans called from Iraq on Friday to find out how your surgery went. He wanted me to tell you he loves you and to get better soon.

Ammon said...

Ashley, we are glad you are keeping track of this little kid. He will be very happy to know that the "lovely nurse" knows how he is doing. I think all the doctors there were very right when they told us to get this done because his lungs were the smallest organ in his body. At least the left one is. As hard as this is, I'm glad it is done. I saw x-rays today - he is sitting up straight - they were able to correct the kaiphosis 100%, but the left curve isn't correct very much - the rods curve, too. I didn't know they could curve. His back is still crooked, but he won't look crooked because he now sits up so much straighter.
Thanks for commenting.

Kyle said...

Hey there Ammon and the Clark's. This is Elder Minson in Bulgaria. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and hope that things are going well. We will see you soon. Ammon, I am glad that I got a ticket to get home in time for your birthday. Have a good day.

Elder Minson