Sunday, August 31, 2008

Before and After

Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008
Here are some photos that show Ammon's progress with the swollen face. This one is today where he is waving to all of you. As you can see, he is still on the ventilator. They are taking it day by day because his lungs are producing an enormous amount of fluid. The doctor said today that it is not pneumonia, but they haven't dared take him off the breathing tube because he can't cough well enough to take care of the fluid well enough by himself. Each day we hope but we don't want them to have to do it too early and then have to re-intubate when he's awake. That would be pretty traumatic for him. He has seemed to accept the tube and the suctioning now. In fact, today he wanted his pen to write a note and he said, on the note, "I need to be suctioned really quick!" We're glad he is letting us know when he is in pain and what he needs. His blood pressure is much better today but the potasium levels have been problematic as well due to the diruetic they have given him to get rid of all the fluid inside his body.

Hopefully tomorrow will be the red-letter day when he will have turned the corner and will begin to really feel better. Look everybody -- NO HALO!!

Saturday - still swollen and eyes very puffy.

Friday night - we didn't even recognize this little boy.

The swollen body is due to the fact that he lost so much blood and so they kept fluid pumping through his body and he was tipped downward a little bit. It was really scary looking, but he is looking better every day.


debbie said...

AMMON - Each & every day you seem tougher & tougher to me than you did the day before! I even think Ammon, the missionary would say you are stronger than he was because all this pain is harder than cutting off the arms of wicked lamanites! Brother Merrill read your note in church today & everyone in the ward was asking about you. Get better really fast because I want to see you on Wednesday or Thursday! Lots of Prayer & Love - The May family

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ammon, you will get over this little hump. I like to see that you are waving and giving crazy signs. It shows that even though you are hurting you are still cheerful. Get better so you can go home!

Stephanie Gilbert said...

Hi, Ammon. This is Miss Gilbert. I checked out your blog today to see how you are doing. Wow! You are looking stronger and stronger in each picture. I'm glad to see you haven't forgotten how to show that sweet smile of yours. Please know you are in my prayers, and that I'm thinking of you. Get better so you come home soon!

Keri said...

I am happy to see you looking better each day. I love you and miss you. Get better soon!
Love, Mrs. Minson

Dave said...

good ole amsterdam. Such a tough balla shot calla! I love you ammon!

chelsey said...

Ammon, Ammon, Ammon! I wish I could hug you!! You're the strongest kid I know. You've been such a great example of how to be tough when the going gets rough. Hang in there! It'll get better soon! We'll keep praying for you to heal quickly. We all miss and love you dearly!!

Jim & May Harvey said...


The neighbor kids missed seeing you chasing after the school bus in the morning. The bus driver needs a new watch. He always ten minutes too early and many of the kids had missed the bus. We need you back home soon to set him straight.

You get better soon!

The Harvey Family

Jeni said...

Ammon, you are in my thoughts daily. I'm so glad your parents are keeping this log for you until you are able. You're one brave kid!