Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weight Reduction

We had to reduce the weights by two pounds. Ammon hasn't been tolerating them very well and the pin sites became excruiatingly painful to touch, which isn't normal. A nurse found a doctor today and talked to him. They decided to back down to 18 pounds again so we are back to that weight. Surprisingly, Ammon perked up quickly once the two pounds had been removed. He even wanted to go on a walk so we left the hospital grounds and went on a long walk. At one point, as we were coming down a hill, Ammon had to stop. He said he had "chair sickness." It was obvious that he wasn't feeling well and was really bothered by the extra weight for the past three days. We were having to give him pain medication for the first time and he was hating life. He seems to have found that little spark once again. Hopefully they will be content to leave him at 18 pounds. I guess we'll have to see.


Jeni said...

So sorry to hear that Ammon! You're an amazing young man! Thanks for letting me get a small peek into your life. Hugs!
Jeni Scott (Potter)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon, You are amazing, I can't wait to see you in person!!!
Love ya,
Mrs. Darling

Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm glad they took some weight off so you could feel better!

debbie said...

AMMON - I went to back 2 school night at Foothills Elementary tonight but it just wasn't the same without seeing your great smile in the hall! I hope the weight being reduced has helped. Ask your mom if we can come up and see you next Tuesday? Will she be there? Hope to see you then - Keep up the PMA; that means Positive Mental Attitude. We love ya - Debbie May, Scotter Potter & Garrett

Anne and Joe said...


You are an amazing young man. Keep up the good work, and stay tough!

Anne and Joe Ehrmann