Sunday, August 17, 2008


I think the story of my birth is neat. Mom had me at the hospital in Provo. She didn't get to hold me at all. Three hours after I was born, she got to touch my cheek and talk to me when I was in an incubator. Right after that I was taken to PCMC by ambulance and that afternoon I had surgery to close up the sac above my bottom. Dad, Jess & Chelsey went up to the hospital to be with me but Mom had to stay in Provo for four days. She was sad.
After four days she came up to hold me and take care of me. She brought Kaitlin with her. I got to go home about 10 days after I was born.
Mom says she is glad I was born. So am I.


Jess and Jen said...

That is definitely a unique story! I am glad you were born too, Ammon! You always make me smile and laugh! I'm glad you're feeling better today! We're anxious to come visit you again! We love you!


Jess and Jen said...

Hey buddy, I remember you birth, too. I remember being there in the hospital with Dad and seeing the "sac above [your] bottom." We're glad you're doing well. -Jess

Lokodi said...

We needed you to be born into our family Ammon. You are very special and I'm so blessed to know you and for you to be my brother. And, I can't imagine how hard it must have been for mom to not be able to hold you after you were born. That would have been very hard for me. She's a strong woman huh?!


chelsey said...

Hey Ammon! When you were born and Dad, Jess and I went to visit you at PCMC I remember the nurses asking if I was your mom! I stayed up at the hospital with you and over night at the Ronald McDonald house since mom and dad couldn't be there. I remember getting to hold you the first time and crying. Maybe that's why the nurses thought you were my child! I'm glad you were born too buddy!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I remember getting to stay with you in the hospital too one night but that was when you were a little bit older. I'm glad you were born too! We would not be the same family if you weren't a part of it.

Ruth Wells said...

We love you, too, Ammon. Hope you are doing well.
Love your Idaho adopted grandparents, Bob and Ruth Wells