Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Funny Boy

Ammon has had a good week. We are slowly learning the tricks of the trade now as far as his care goes. He remembers the order of the machines and reminds us what to turn on next. He puts his own little "voice" on when he wants to talk and he is very helpful. His sense of humor has returned and we are really enjoying him again.
We have had a home-health company come up and it may be possible for us to get some home nursing care for Ammon so Jim and I can be gone together sometimes. We still haven't figured out the school issues but hopefully we'll have more information by next week.
Ammon's life is definitely more complicated now, but he has adjusted quite well. His voice is pretty croaky, but he can speak and we can hear him better now. We are hopeful that the vocal cords improve and his voice becomes even stronger.

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grams said...

We are glad that things have settled down a little bit in your life. Hope your voice comes back strong and you can sing again. I know you are trying to happy like heavenly father would like you to be. All of us Flacks in Iowa, Nebraska and Utah love you.