Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Friends

Today I had a nurse come and learn how to take care of me. His name was Richard and my friend, John also came with his mom. Two other nurses have been here. Their name are Marian and Todd. Todd comes at night and keeps the machines quiet so we can sleep. Mrs Gebert has started coming back To help me with school work.
Tomorrow I go back up to Shriners to fix wheelchairs. Ihope I get to see my friends up their.


Tink said...

Glad you are making new friends. You're a wonderful young man!

grams said...

Hope you got your wheely fixed. Glad you are getting some help from new friends. Take care and we love you in Nebraska.

Jason said...

Hi Ammon,

Have you been able to return to school yet? If so, are you able to get your wheelchair though all the snow you guys have had? We only have about 6 inches on the ground but it is very, very, cold right now.

I hope you continue to get better.

Be good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ammon,
My name is Julie Kobak and I am a speech therapist with Passy-Muir, Inc. the makers of your speaking valve. Your blog has caught our attention and I would like to speak with you and your parents. Can you call me at 800-634-5397. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.