Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Fantastic Day!

Ammon had a fantastic day today for several reasons. The Grizzlies Hockey team came to visit him and he thought that was cool. Mom went up to visit and to get some training on how to care for the trach and so he was happy to see her. He was especially happy to see Mom because she brought a fantastic gift! What you see here is a quilt that the BYU Purchasing/Travel Dep't made and then tied money all over the quilt. They brought it up to me last night and said the quilt was made for Ammon. The fabric has the life of a young Mormon boy - from a baby to being married in the temple. It is an absolutely awesome quilt!! We are so grateful for the thoughtful people that care so much for Ammon. Thank you, friends and co-workers!!
Here's Mom & Dad enjoying the gift with Ammon.

In this photo Ammon's joy shows because he discovered that he can talk!!! The doctors changed to a different trach tube hoping the new one would allow him to talk. During the day when they tried to help him, Ammon couldn't get a single sound out. While I was there, he found out that he could actually talk and the first thing he said was "Mommy, I love you!" We were all jumping up and down for joy. Ammon needs to have a voice. He has a lot to tell the world and a lot to teach us.
He still has a significant bacterial infection in his blood and so that may keep him in the hospital longer than we would like. It has improved a lot today. Jim and I have about 28 hours of training that we have to complete before we can bring him home. We did our first 2 hours tonight and will hopefully finish by Saturday night. They have told Ammon that he may be able to go home as early as Monday. He is also fighting an ear infection and may need a different antibiotic to clear it up. All in all, there is great hope for a return home and for a smoother road for this young man.
I felt like Christmas came early today with the wonderful quilt and with Ammon being able to speak again.


Jess and Jen said...

Yipee skipee on the quilt and voice. We're glad at least that part of his recovery is going well! -Jess

grams said...

Wow, what a cool Christmas present from your mom's friends. They are all your friends, too. Glad to see you smiling. Wish you would sing a song for us and have your Dad post it on your blog. Love from Nebraska.

Lisa said...

Great news that Ammon has his voice back and that he hopefully will be home soon! That quilt is great, too. Hope we can see you soon Ammon.

The Hortons

Team Clark said...

Holy cow, Ammon! You got both a visit from the Grizzlies AND a money tied quilt? Seriously! What a blessed man you are!
And hooray that you can talk now. We love you!

chelsey said...

I'm so glad you can talk now! What would the world be like without your sweet voice? I hope you can come home today! I love the quilt too!