Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tough Afternoon

Ammon had a fantastic morning. He slept very well last night without using the bi-pap machine. He sounded very clear all morning long but a little after noon, he started to shiver uncontrollably. We covered him in blankets that had been warmed. It took about 20 minutes to get him warmed up again. And then he got a fever that spiked almost immediately to 103 degrees. There had been no warning whatsoever that anything was wrong. The poor nurse was run ragged by the end of the day. The secretions got pretty prolific for want of a better word as well. He has had to be suctioned out several times an hour but it's nothing as bad as he had in August. We expected some secretions so I haven't been too worried about that.
The nurse cathed him shortly after all this started and the urine was the color of cranberry juice. Sure enough, he has a nasty UTI. When she cathed him before, it seemed ok. Boy, when this kid decides to so something, he really does it with a bang. They are treating him with a broad spectrum antibiotic until the results of the culture come back in about 48 hours. We don't know if that is what the fever was all about or not. It wasn't a very fun afternoon for Ammon but he has given thumbs up to everyone and continues to smile. Tonight his right side hurts. I don't know what from. Perhaps it is from the UTI (or kidney infection?). Hopefully the urologists will pay us a visit.
We hope we have a quiet night tonight and that he feels a little better by morning.


chelsey said...

Ugh. Good luck with the UTI. It's crazy it can come on that quickly without some warning. I hope you have a better day today and get some relaxing in! We love you!

Jodi & Jeremy said...

Hey Ammon, it's Jodi...your PICU nurse on Sunday! How are you? Did you get to go to the floor today? I hope the infection clears quickly! Hang in there buddy, keep up the good work & I'll go re-learn all the words to Away in a Manger for you! Smiles! :) :) :)